Full WWE Smackdown Taping Results For Tonight

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Below are full Smackdown taping results for tonight written by JP and Brooks Oglesby:

Smackdown (Airing tonight on SyFy):

* David Otunga opens the show by introducing the new Smackdown General Manager, John Laurinaitis, who now has music and a TitanTron. He says everyone is excited for his debut on Smackdown and talks about how exciting it will be. He asks Teddy Long to come out. Teddy says that the benefit of him being without a job is that he can tell Johnny to go to hell. He says that he could not just walk away from Smackdown, despite not working there anymore. He calls it the best job of his life and thanks the WWE Universe. He says he hopes they've had as much fun as he has had. Teddy goes to leave but Laurinaitis stops him and says that Teddy rudely interrupted him. He offers Teddy a job. Teddy says that he needs a job, but not one from him. He says that Johnny can take his job and shove it. Laurinaitis says to think of Teddy's grandchildren. Otunga says he looked at the paperwork and WWE granted college funds to his grandchildren, and that the funds go to the Smackdown General Manager. Johnny says that if Teddy takes the job, all he has to do is say that Johnny is better than him. Teddy says that Johnny is better than him. Laurinaitis says to say it louder, then tells him to go backstage and do his job. Teddy asks what it is, and Laurinaitis says that he hasn't figured it out yet.

* Laurinaitis sends Teddy to the back and announces that, in the interest of People Power, Kane vs. Randy Orton tonight will be a no disqualification match. In addition, he announces R-Truth vs. Mark Henry & David Otunga in a handicap match, which will be next.

* David Otunga & Mark Henry b. R-Truth after Henry hit the World's Strongest Slam and Otunga got the pin.

* Randy Orton b. Kane in a no disqualification match after Orton countered the chokeslam by pushing Kane into an exposed turnbuckle. Orton then hit an RKO to win, in what was described as a very good match.

* Barry Stevens, a local talent from Queens, New York, is introduced to the crowd. Some of the lower-card Smackdown talent are shown laughing at him. Ryback's music hits. Skip Sheffield has returned.

* Ryback b. Barry Stevens in a squash, with a high-angle fisherman's suplex.

* Daniel Bryan & AJ come to the ring. Bryan says that if there was one good thing this week, it was that it allowed him to think about how everything was going so right, and how it has gone so wrong. He says "The truth is..." before pausing. AJ takes the mic and calls him a great wrestler and a great person and says that she isn't the only one who thinks that. She points out all the "YES" signs and how his name is chanted when he's not in the ring and how we are all here to support him. Bryan says it feels like everyone is mocking him. He says that if people were supporting him, they wouldn't cheer "YES" for The Rock. He calls the people sheep. He says it makes it worse that AJ cost him the title. He says he beat two giants in a cage and he overcame 5 people in the Elimination Chamber, but her kiss flushed it all down the toilet. He says that AJ doesn't get to rewrite this story, and it is all her fault. He says that it was his first WrestleMania and he walked in as World Heavyweight Champion. Her clinginess cost him the greatest night of his life. He will never let her ruin his life like that again.

* Bryan says he has a rematch clause with Sheamus and he will do it the right way: alone. He tells her to get into her SUV and go eat some cheeseburgers as he gets rid of the dead weight. He says they are through and that was the last kiss that she'll ever get from him. She tries to reason with him but he tells her to get out and turns his back on her as she goes to the back crying.

* Big Show b. Heath Slater in a non-title squash. Cody Rhodes was on commentary. Cody was about to enter the ring, but decided against it. Show hit Slater with the WMD and Cody retreated.

* Backstage, John Laurinaitis is talking to The Bella Twins. Sheamus walks in and asks what Laurinaitis wanted to talk to him about. Laurinaitis calls out Sheamus for being disrespectful to people like Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio by kicking them when they weren't ready. He says that when he wrestles Del Rio, they need to come face-to-face first. Sheamus says that Laurinaitis is right and tells him a story about a bully he knew, which Laurinaitis was not happy with.

* Nikki Bella b. Beth Phoenix in a non-title match after Kelly Kelly distracted Beth at ringside. Nikki capitalized and hit an X-Factor to win.

* Damien Sandow, an FCW talent, appeared via the TitanTron and cut a promo talking about people's moral quality and calling them out on it.

* The Three Stooges are announced as the guest hosts for next week's Raw Supershow.

* Alberto Del Rio b. Sheamus by disqualification to earn a future title shot. Ricardo Rodriguez got onto the apron and Sheamus pulled the ropes, sending him into the ring. Del Rio got a chair and tried to use it, but Sheamus stopped him. The referee turned around, saw Sheamus holding the chair, and disqualified him. Sheamus then hit the referee with a Brogue Kick and stared at Del Rio and Rodriguez, who had retreated up the ramp, to end the show.

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