Last week news circulated about a potential CMLL-WWE discussion. Wrestling News World's Thomas Fenton has learned a few more details about this situation.

Thomas Fenton reports:

Wrestling News World has learned that CMLL was nervous about the AEW-AAA relationship and how it would benefit their longtime rival company. CMLL approached WWE to have a discussion about a potential partnership. The discussions were with Triple H. CMLL wants access to WWE talent, which Triple H was interested in on a limited basis. However, WWE would want the ability to buy out CMLL deals if the company had interest in their talent. WWE has an interest in one particular CMLL talent, who is unnamed at this time, and would like to use these terms to buyout that contract. At this time, Wrestling News World can confirm that CMLL is not for sale. The discussion was simply a working relationship in response to the ever-changing wrestling landscape in 2019.

Current CMLL President, Sofia Alonso, said earlier this year in a rare interview, "she has no plans for a new era and wants to keep the good things CMLL and Pace Alonso have already done. She would like to see the different departments working closer together while continuing the traditions of Lucha Libre. Sofia expects there will be differences because she comes from a different generation than her father, but doesn't expect them to be big changes." She also stated, "CMLL going down is not an option." 

No information has been provided concerning the extent this partnership would effect CMLL's existing relationship with New Japan pro Wrestling. Wrestling News World will provide you more information on this potential partnership as we receive them.

All quotes credited to "Lucha Blog."

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