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Cameron Grimes has been on my radar for the past couple of months. He has been one of the many highlights that has come out of the NXT shows the past few months. His character is so unique and so different from the other competitors in NXT that it really allows him to shine. 

I do not speak for everyone but I think Cameron Grimes would be great as a top tier talent in NXT that is a champion. I am going to give a few scenarios for Cameron Grime's future in NXT that I hope will happen. 

NXT North American Champion


This is the first step I think for Cameron Grimes. I think a good feud between him and Damian Priest for the North American championship would be gold. WWE pulled the trigger on Priest and let him win the North American championship so I think the same could be done with Grimes. Am I saying take the belt off Priest right now? No, I think Priest should have a few feuds before taking on Grimes. Damian Priest is a great North American champion so far and can put on some spectacular matchups so I think he should be champion for a while longer. I also feel that Grimes would fit the role so well also for weekly TV with that North American championship pulling off some grimey/cowardly tactics each week to retain or to get out of defending it.

Is Grimes ready for the spotlight with a championship? I think he is and I think the past few months during this virus era of wrestling has really shown that he can be a top star for NXT in the future. Could he use a few more months to really get prepared and ready for the spotlight? Sure I am not saying put the North American Championship on him in the next week but I think it should happen in the near future. My next scenario is my least favorite but it could be the best option currently if you want to boost a certain division. 

Cameron Grimes Enters The Tag Division


The current NXT tag team division is lacking and I have covered that in a previous article. I think adding in singles competitors to team up with each other randomly in the tag team division would be an interesting way to spark interest for the division. 

Bob(@bobzevon) another writer here at WNW said that an interesting partner for Grimes would be Dexter Lumis. I could see that working tremendously have Grimes be the annoying heel mocking the other tag teams while Lumis goes in and does the dirty work and destroys anyone in his way. 

This would only be temporary until there is a spot for Grimes in some main spotlight which I would love to see. 

NXT Champion


I know what you are thinking. Sorry, but I am sending Cameron Grimes TO THE MOON! Tonight the Wednesday Gauntlet Eliminator goes down and to be honest if we're looking at the facts none of these guys deserve to get a chance against Finn Balor for the NXT championship but that's why I love this gauntlet eliminator. 

Does each guy in this eliminator have anything to build on towards an NXT Championship shot? No, but having these five superstars who are fresh faces in NXT in a championship opportunity is great to see. Having these five faces on the TV weekly for NXT will increase interest for the brand. To be honest I would rather see some of these guys more than I would Ciampa and Gargano each week. NXT needs to start showcasing the newer guys and this is a great start. Who do I want to win the eliminator matchup? There is only one answer and that is Cameron Grimes. All Grime all the time! I think him vs Balor would be a great matchup for the NXT championship! I can definitely see Cameron Grimes as an NXT champion down the road at some point. 

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