Future Of WWE Cruiserweight Division Determined At Survivor Series

Brian Kendrick

The WWE Cruiserweight Division won’t be moving away from Raw as The Brian Kendrick beat Kalisto to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at Survivor Series on Sunday.

For those that missed it, Kendrick was declared the winner by disqualification when Baron Corbin came out and attacked him, which triggered the referee to call for the bell. Corbin then delivered End of Days to Kalisto.

The stipulation was that if Kalisto beat Kendrick, Smackdown would get the entire cruiserweight division in addition to the title. As we reported exclusively here on Wrestling News World Premium, as of Nov. 11, 2016, Vince McMahon hadn’t made up his mind whether or not to move the division. He hasn’t been happy with how the cruiserweights have gotten over on Raw and there was speculation about the division moving to the blue brand to serve as a lead-in to the new 205 Live cruiserweight series.

It won’t happen, at least initially. There has been talk about doing two cruiserweight divisions but given the problems they’ve had so far, we’re not expecting that anytime soon.

Back to the betting odds, Kendrick was a -1200 favorite to beat Kalisto +600. Our Survivor Series live stream is online at this link.

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