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Who Are The Future Stars Of AEW?

There is always a lot of talk about the biggest, hottest feuds in wrestling but today let us take a second to talk about some of the stars of AEW that will be the main event sooner rather than later! The future stars of All Elite Wrestling!

Starting us off, The Jurassic Express!


I was personally drawn to the team because of Jungle Boy, Jack Perry. I knew his dad was Luke Perry and I was a big fan but the moment I saw him wrestle, it wouldn’t have mattered if his dad was Freddy Mercury, I was enthralled! I loved his tag team work but once I saw his match with former, Le Champion, Chris Jericho, I was a fan of him! Even with a size advantage he made you believe that he could win the big one. Made you believe he could be the guy to make it to the dance and to never count him out! Quickly after becoming a Jungle Boy fan I saw Marko Stunt, and immediately I was drawn to his size. Clearly it is no secret that he usually has a distinct size disadvantage more times than not. I loved his fighting spirit and his will to win. Then, I heard Justin Roberts say he was from Olive Branch, MS. My eyes lit up! Even though I am about 300 miles south of there, it is still my home state and you just don’t get too many people that make it out and do something in this business from here anymore. Now, we come to Luchasaurus. He is a behemoth! The muscle behind the group but also the brains. He is wise, probably because he has had 600 million years to learn everything he possibly can! He leads the team and together they have garnered a love from the crowd like no other! They are the babyfaces of the babyfaces! It doesn’t matter if they’re in South Haven, MS or Kansas City, MO, they are getting one of the loudest pops of the night. I see some tag team gold in the future for them, without a doubt. 

What to say about our next entrant, he is arrogant, he is cocky, and he is Sammy Guevara.


Now don’t crucify me for this but, he reminds me of a young Randy Orton. Think back to late 2003, think about heel Randy, Evolution Randy. I can only assume that Sammy remembers because he embodies the young, attractive, cocky persona perfectly. He is also the ‘future’ of the Inner Circle. AEW has done an amazing job to showcase what he can do in the ring and remind us that he isn’t just a pretty face but that he can hang with the best of them. Did I mention he takes some very high risks for your entertainment as well? If not, refer back to AEW Revolution this past Saturday. A 630 from the top rope to the outside onto Darby through a table! Yeah, you read that correctly. AEW knows what they have in him, not only was he handpicked by Cody to be in the very first match on AEW’s network television debut but tonight on Dynamite he will team with the former Le Champion, Chris Jericho to take on the new champ Jon Moxley and Darby Allin. Keep your eye on Sammy G. Remember what you just read about that 630 from Sammy? Well next up is the man who took that bump, Darby Allin! 

Darby 2

You don’t get too many mysterious, dark characters in wrestling anymore that aren’t based on some supernatural entity. Now, there isn’t anything wrong with that but man, is it refreshing to see Darby doing it! As a skateboarder myself, I have to be quite honest, I was not thrilled when I first saw Darby come out with the board. I had no idea who he was and I thought, “Oh, great. They are trying to cash in on the millennial audience and this is going to infuriate me.” Little did I know, Darby was a skater himself, and he lived the gimmick! He has a mini-ramp in his garage! I went from being infuriated to be being thrilled almost overnight! His debut match was against Cody of all people. I assumed this would be a quick one, knowing Cody would go over and we’d be on with the Spears feud. In a shock, to me, Darby fought tooth and nail and gave every ounce of effort he had in this match and guess what? It was a draw! They had reached the time limit. Darby left this match looking fantastic and it made me a Darby Allin fan. Fast forward to All Out, another match I thought would turn me off almost immediately. The Cracker Barrel Clash. Yeah, you read that right. To avoid writing three paragraph’s here, I’ll just say this; Darby did a coffin drop from the top rope to the outside with a wooden barrel on his back and crashed onto the steel ring steps. Yeah, wow! He was garnering traction but an injury kept him off of TV for a few weeks and he had a few vignettes to remind fans he was still after Sammy (the one that took him out initially). Fast forward to 3 weeks ago; Inner Circle beating down Moxley and Dustin Rhodes, lights go out and here comes Darby! He legitimately got one of the loudest pops of the night and right then I knew, this man has a bright, bright future in All Elite Wrestling. You can catch him teaming with the AEW World Champion tonight on Dynamite!


He is an enigma in this business. I had literally no idea who he was before AEW. I saw him and I was intrigued by his gimmick almost immediately. So, so simple yet it was getting OVER! Not just over to the extent of a decent reaction to him coming through the curtain but a massive pop for literally anything this man does! His signature move at the moment is him putting his hands in his pockets and every arena erupts! I understand that the gimmick isn’t for everyone but it is sure for more people than I thought. This article couldn’t have come at a better time either, because up until Revolution, OC had not had a singles match and really had not wrestled outside of a hands in the pocket suicide dive a few times. The indy fans already knew what Orange was capable of and the fans that were new to him had high hopes that he would, get this, TRY in his match against The Bastard Pac! Try he did. He had a very impressive showing even though he took the loss, he came out showing that he has an arsenal and when he wants to try, he can. I should also mention that the higher ups at Turner seem to be very invested in Orange Cassidy as well and see him as a major asset to AEW. No matter if you love him, hate him or are just indifferent, Orange Cassidy will be a major player in the AEW singles division in the coming years. 

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