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Fyter Fest opens up with Le Champion coming to the ring joining the commentating team. Le Champion (Chris Jericho) 

First match 

Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) and Wardlow vs Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus MJF grabs the mic hes tired of fighting these two over and over then you got jungle jabroni beating over and over he gave him the best match he had in his career. Wants to keep up the cute rivalry wants to keep counting his daddies money. This match isnt happening because they want a match they are in a ratings war how to get ratings MJF in front Jungle Boy and LuchaSaurrrus music hit and they come to the ring.

Match bell rings: Jungle boy whipped into the ropes hits mjf with a clothesline.mjf and jungle boy get to the outside. Wardlow grabs jungle boy and throws jungle boy into the ring post then throws jungle boy back in the ring.MJF hits JungleBoy with a front suplex mjf tags in wardlow. Jungle boy tries to punch wardlow in the stomach nothing happens wardlow chops jungle boy down then suplexes jungle boy back to his corner wardlow sets jungle boys face to mjfs boot after tag. MJF signs for wardlows boot. Jungle boy reverses and mjf hits his boot Jungle boy follows up with an insiguri to wardlow mjf facelock to jungle boy jungle boy reverses and tags luchasaurus but the ref doesnt see itn mjf hits jungle boy with a back drop 1 2 kick out. Mjf tags in wardlow wardlow backdrops jungle boy wardlow tags in mjf mjf and wardlow try to do a double back drop jungle boy reverses rolls through and tags in luchasaurus this time ref sees it clothes line to mjf boot to wardlow. Chop to mjf lucha saurus chops down wardlow into the corner wardlow reverses throws luchasaurus into the corner lucha hits wardlow with a clothesline mjf gets hit with a punt from lucha wardlow tries to clothesline misses lucha kicks wardlow down. Boots mjf into the corner wardlow and lucha punches back and forth godzilla kong hits wardlow with the boot wardlow throws lucha down. Lucha crawling tags jungle boy jungle boy sends mjf to the outside with a clothesling two dives then and over the top rope summersault to mjf jungleboy throws mjf back into the ring he goes to go get back in the ring. Wardlow grabs him and throws him to the ring post luchasaurus dives to the outside over the to and takes out wardlow. Lucha and jungle boy double cutter to mjf wardlow breaks up the tag. Action everywhere. Jungle boy tries to kick wardlow wardlow sets up the f10 jungle boy counters wardlow clothes lines jungle boy pump kick from mjf to lucha. Misses reverses rackes to the eye to lucha lucha powerbombs mjf everyone is down in the ring. Ref gets the count to 5 mjf and jungle boy spring up sod does lucha and wardlow wardlow lucha double clothesline jungle boy hits mif with a super canadian destroyer jungle boy tries for the s calara wardlow misses it marco stunt tries to interfere wardlow catches him throws him onto jungle boy. MJF rolls up Lucha 1 2 kicks out. Wardlow with a swanton from the top 1 2 kicks out by lucha, mjf sneaks in the ring tries to hit lucha and misses jungle boy pulls out mjf boots from lucha a swingin ddt from the ropes to wardlow. Lucha hits wardlow with a choke slam and a kick to the stomach wardlow gets the pin with a star flip to wardlow lucha gets the pin 1 2 3. Its over. (Great Tag Team action) 

Back from break janella and archer going at it outside of the ring. Refs come out and break it up. 

Second Match: Hikaru Shida (Current Champion) vs Penelope Ford for aew womens title. Ford comes to the ring first then Shida out next they square up face to face Ford and Shida Ford pushes Shida Shida Pushes back Sabian pushes Shida Shida pushes back Ref Aubrey ejects Sabian crowds going nuts. Sabian takes the kendo stick as he exits

Bell rings: Knee to the face of ford shida suplexes ford, ford flung into the second rope corner. Shida goes for the kick to the face ford Ducks out of the way shes sitting on the mat rolls up shida only a two count. Ford tries to kick shida misses ford goes to the outsidr shida hits ford with a baseball slide ford back up ford throws shida into the ring side and barricade ford goes back in to break up the count Shida puts ford to the ring hits ford with knee to face on the ring. Shida gets ford to the corner ford stuck on the corner shida goes to kick. Ford reverses does head bounces to shida to the corner then ford goes to corner hits shida with a cartwheel. And a german suplex 1 2 kick out. Ford mounts shida and continues hitting her commercial break back from break ford on top of shida on the back with face lock..shida breaks the lock gets to the bottom rope. Ford toying with shida with kicks to the face shida. Ford picks her up shida reverses it with punches then suplexes ford tries to ford reverses it with a backdrop to shida. Shida slaps ford ford slaps back back and forth with the slaps shida gets the upper hand knees ford to the stomach shida runs to the ropes ford pump kicks shida knocks her down ford going for the cartwheel stunner but shida reverses it with a sleeper hold turns it in to a then drapes her into a knee back submission lets ford out of it then hits ford with a back breaker 1 2 kick out. Shida hits the falcon arrow goes for the pin ford rolls her up. Shida hits ford knee to the face in the corner shida to the top rope missed the drop kick ford matrix move hits shida with the stunner only a two ford and aubrey ref having words. Sabian interferes tries to hit kendo stick shida reverses hits sabian with kendo ford does the cartwheel stunner hits shida with it 1 2 kickout. Drags shida to the corner ford to the top rope for a moonsault shida reverses shida hits the running knee twice. Falcon aarow to ford 1 2 ford kicks out. Shida running knee rolls up 1 2 3. (Best womans match Ive seen in a while) Still your aew womens champion Shida

A video recap airs of Moxleys paradigm shift. 

Next up. Jake Hager vs Cody Rhodes (current tnt champion) introductions are announced by Justin Roberts. 

TNT Title held above refs head Bell Rings: cody and jake in corner cody rolls under jake jake and cody lock up gets cody into the corner releases hold jake and cody lock up hands cody goes behind cody cody runs from ropes into jake cody goes to kick jake jake reverses and powered him into the corner with that reversal, they eye each other down. Cody goes for jakes legs jake reverses it cody reverses gets his arm now a waist lock from jake jake tries to side slam him jake reverses cody and jake pushes cody into the rope Jake catches cody in mid air gets cody. in the corner jake hits cody in mid kidney in the corner. Jake whips cody into the corner cody reverses Jake grabs codys leg cody reverses cody grabs jakes leg jake reverses now jake is arguing with arn cody tries to hit jake jake reverses jake is at the outside now cody does a dive from the top rope hits jake throws jake back in the ring cody up to the top jake catches cross body cody reverse hits drop toehold on jake cody lets jake out. Cody gets jake on his back and locks in the figure four jake grabs rope. Cody rolls out of the ring jake follows chokes out arn in the barricade. Cody tries to get jakes attention jake reverses back drop to the mat picture in picture break cody goes back and forth with shots jake takes a break waves at the fans during the break jake gets cody in the ring hits him with a body slam jake hits cody with an elbow pins 1 2 kick out jake gets cody to the middle rope and chokes cody knees to back on ropes. Cody is then thrown out of the ring by Jake. Jake throws cody back in the ring cody hits jake in stomach and face jake throws cody into the ropes cody flies at jake and misses jake hits cody in the face with a fist to face chops back and forth jake throws cody back out of the ring. Jake goes to throw cody in the corner but arn blocks it stands in his way cody then reverses and throws Jake into the corner ring post. Cody throws jake into the ring Cody gets in ring and is met with a sleeper hold from jake cody flips out of the sleeper by going to the corner with jake and flipping off the turnbuckle. Cody has the pin 1 2 kick out by hager cody hits the stunner cody hits a flying cutter from the top rope. Cody takes off his belt kicks Jake drops down to his back and hits jake with the fists. Power slam to Jake. 1 2 kick out. Jake in the corner cody runs in reverses it jake hits cody with the hager bomb 1 2 kick out. Jake launches cody from one corner to another hager bomb cody blocks it with two feet to the face of jake ddt to jake 1 2 kick out. Cody goes to the top rope, jake counters throws cody off the top 1 2 kick out by cody. Jake hits cody with the ankle lock cody screams out in pain. Cody gets to the bottom rope. Uncrowned miss united states slaps cody as he gets to the bottom ropes Arn distracting the ref dustin runs to the ring slaps jake cody goes for crossroads misses jake hits with a modified rear ended choke jake goes to pin cody cody countered it 1 2 3 Cody still champion Jake was screwed. (Good Match)

Darby Allen Video package airs. 

Orange Cassidy hits the ring with a chair goes to commentating booth sits with le champion and kicks his feet up antagonizes Le Champion

Next Match: Santana and Ortiz vs Private Party. Isiah Cassidy and Marq Quen. Matt Hardy managing. 

Isiah and Santana starting it off they squaring each other up. Santana giving Isiah a free shot Isiah hits him with the right. Santana runs at Isiah counters slides out of the ring santana follows Isiah Slides back in he double kicks santana from second rope. Ortiz goes to the rope and is met with a kick from Quen. Quen down on all fours isiah runs and jumps off of quens back onto both ortiz and santana isiah is fired up isiah throws santana back in tags quen standing moonsault goes for the cover only a one count then quen jumps from the second rope onto santana a one again quen gets santana into the corner. Quen tags isiah in step up insiguri 1 2 kick out. Isiah mounts santana with punches rolls out of it. Gets isiah into the ropes. Santana chops Isiah. Isiah goes foe the jump from the second rope Santana blocks it tags in Ortiz tagged in second rope diving ddt to isiah from ortiz waistlock german by santana. Ground Octopus stretch by Ortiz. Ortiz lets him out picks him up and suplexs isiah during pip commercial break. Ortiz tags in santana santana to the top rop double team jump suplex. 1 2 kick outn quen tries to come in changes mind santana booting to the face of isiah santana chops isiah in the corner isiah reverses hits oritz and santana santana taunts quen isiah goes to jump over santana santana blocks his jump santana goes for a powerbomb reversed tags ij quen quen goes for santana sanatana tries to punch quen ducks and does a back flip kick into santana who falls to the mat, quen kicks ortiz at the turn buckle. Santana is on the outside quen sees it goes to the ropes flips over the top onto santana quen flips up puts santana back in the ringn quen gets on the ring. Santana runs quen jumps in from the top santana ducks and tags in ortiz double team to quen, ortiz tag with isiah on his back to santana santana chops isiah. Santana gets him in abombinal stretch quen reverses makes a tag to isiah in mid catch isiah hits ortiz forearms to Santana from isiah, isiah hits ortiz springboard stunnerm isiah spinning dive onto ortiz and santana, ortiz back in ring crawling isiah goes to the top rope hits ortiz with a swanton 1 2 kick out. Isiah gets ortiz to the top rope tags in quen. Ortiz reverses into a powerbomb from the top cannon ball onto quen from santana he is back in the ring. Double team back flip to quen 1 2 isiah broke it up. Isiah flung out threw the second rope by santana santana rolls out throws isiah into second ropem santana goes back to cornee tagged in by ortiz. Santana has a mat ball hardy takes it out of his hands quen rolls him up 1 2 kick outb santana super kick to quen twice. Street sweeper attempt by santana and ortiz countered by isiah and quen santana on top rope quen with a flip off the top rope isiah hits the cutter mid air 1 2 3 private party with the win. 

Cassidy just looks on jericho taunts cassidy by throwing his drink at him cassidy gets up to leave cassidy is attacked refs and wrestlers hold jericho back. 

Next Match Main Event: AEW Tag Titles Trent and Chuck Taylor Best Friends vs "Hangman" Adam Page and Kenny Omega. Omega and page (current champions)

Bell Rings: Chuck Taylor and Kenny Omega start it off they walk around the ring omega and taylor lock up single leg take down by taylor he goes into the ropes omega goes for the bullet clothesline which is ducked by taylor, taylo kicks omega in the knee throws omega into the corner taylor runs to the corner omega reverses jumps over him arm drag to omega from taylor arm drag again to omega omega locks up head in scissors taylor gets out of it they stand and look at each othern Taylor tags in chuck omega tags in page. Chuck and Page lock up Page gets the headlock on Chuck. Chuck gets page into the ropes slingshots page off of him page runs into Chuck no budge, Page runs into Chuck again, again no effect forearm to the face to Chuck from Page. Chuck responds with a forearm to Page back and forth page gets the upper hand chuck backdrops page. Kick to the back of Page from Chuck. Chuck tags in Taylor. Taylor and chuck throw page into the ropes and both shoulder tackle him. Taylor kicks page while hes down. Page gets up Taylor Suplex's Page goes for the cover 1 2 kick out page goes into taylors corner taylor tags in chuck, chuck into the ring. Taylor and chuck whip page into the ropes page comes back blocks the double stomach clothesline elbows Chuck Down suplex's taylor onto chuck page tags in omega, omega runs and knocks off chuck to the ground picks up back breaker to taylor omega tags page. Chop to taylor from page and omega. Omega and Page whip Trent into the ropes and both kick him in the stomach boot to the face from page and a bulldog to taylor from Omega to Taylor. Standing shooting star press from page to taylor 1 2 kick out. Arm to the back of the head from page to taylor. FTR come out with a beach chairs and cooler to distract page chop from taylor to page no effect taylor is in pages corner page tags in omega. Forearms and kicks. Page has taylor in the corner whips him into it. Chuck stops taylor from getting on the top corner body out like superman. Taylor counters hits page with a clothesline omega comes in taylor hits omega with a diving ddt. Taylor tags in Chuck. Chuck sends page outside and chuck dives onto page. Chuck gets riled up goes to check on page and is met with a boot from omega taylor sees it and dives from the middle rope onto Omega. Taylor throws Omega to Chuck who does a front german onto page whos went head first into the barricade. Back in the ring chuck hits page with a suplex 1 2 kick out chuck tags taylor. Chuck and Taylor try to double team page. Page reverses knocks chuck out of the ring catches taylor fall away slam from page. Page dives over the top back into the ring. Taylor slowly getting up Page hits the ropes taylor ducks the lariat attempt by trent grabs his arm for the reversal and page hits the clothesline. Page tags omega. Omega to the top missle drop kick hits taylor. Fisherman suplex to Taylor 1 2 kickout by taylor. Omega goes for a moonsault Taylor blocks it with the knees up, Taylor hits omega with a running drop kick. Chuck is back in the corner. Taylor tags Chuck. Chuck hits omega with the spike pile driver 1 2 Page breaks up the count. Ftr cheering the announce team with a beer. Chuck throws page threw the second rope. Omega in the corner Chuck runs to hit omega in the corner its blocked by omega with a double kick to the face. Chuck runs at omega again to be reversed by omega with an elbow runs at omega a third time omega moves out of the way chuck is now in the corner. Omega runs at Chuck omega is met with a knee to the face. Chuck runs at omega with a clothesline omega ducks it and hits chuck with a snap dragon suplex chuck falls back into his corner. Taylor gets the blind tag ref sees it, snap suplex to Taylor. Snap Suplex to chuck again. Omega tags in page. Taylor and Chuck together laying in the corner page hits the clothesline to both of them omega comes in and hits taylor and chuck with the elbows both are in the corner omega throws Chuck to page. Page hits chuck with a forearm omega throws chuck to page when page hits chuck with a back drop taylor thrown to page with a pop up powerbomb by page to taylor. Knee to the back from omega 1 2 kick out by Taylor. Omega and page goes for last call on taylor its reversed chuck pulls omega from the ring. Page now on the back of taylor. Chuck goes to the top ropes. Strong zero is hit on Page 1 2 broken up by Omega by diving in. Forearms to Chuck from omega knee to Chuck. Omega tried for the one winged angel was reversed by chuck. Best friends hug in the ring. Boot to the face to chuck by page forearm to page from taylor taylor goes to throw page to the ropes but page reverses hits taylor with the rolling elbow another one followed up. Page goes for a powerbomb Taylor reverses it taylor has him pinned 1 2 kick out by page. Page with the dead eye 1 2 kick out by taylor. Page hits taylor with the buckshot lariat 1 2 3. Still your tag team champions Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page. FTR come to the ring. Offer Page and Omega a beer they toast as all four stand in the ring omega pours the beer onto the ring. Ftr feel disrespected young bucks hit the ring to try to stop a potential fight breakout as the show comes to a close for fyter fest night 1. Written by @realninjagreg

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