G4 Calls WWE '12 "The Very Best Wrestling Game Ever Made"


G4 has posted its official review of WWE '12, and gave the game a perfect 5/5 score. Citing the revamped philosophy of the game mechanics, improved customization, and the improved Road to Wrestlemania mode as the reasons for the high praise, the review ended with this:

"Is WWE '12 perfect? No, it's far from it. But, when you uproot a game and make as many positive changes as they've made with this one, you must stand up and recognize. There might be tweaks to make WWE '13 a better product, but WWE '12 is, quite simply, the very best wrestling game ever made. If you've left the SmackDown vs RAW franchise over the last couple of years, now is the time to come back. This game will change your mind."Click here to view the full review.

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