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Goldberg Claims He Has 50 More Matches In Him

Goldberg posted an exclusive interview with Bill Goldberg to talk about his inclusion in the upcoming WWE 2K17 interview. He revealed they’ve been talking about it for a number of years and discussed his infamous last match in WWE against Brock Lesnar. When asked if he had another match left in him, here’s what he said:

I’ve got 50 more in me. It just depends on the ability to keep it up to my standards. I love everybody to death and I greatly appreciate their opinions, but none of it matters except for mine, because I hold myself to such high standards.

The reality is, you’ve got movies, TV appearances, a kid, you're 49 years old … things aren't like they used to be. It's a completely different day. I'm 20 to 30 pounds less than what I was because I just don't need to be that dude with traps from his ears to his shoulders. Would I like to be that guy again? Absolutely. He's still in there.

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