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Goldberg On Possible In-Ring Return, Friendship w/Brock Lesnar has a new Q&A online with Bill Goldberg. You can read it at this link, below are the highlights:

Something in regards to pro wrestling being in the works:

There is an actual date in a stadium in this country that is set up with entertainment to put on an event like nobody's ever seen. And it's in my court. It's all about timing, it's all about the right opponent. There's so much that goes into this, especially if it's my last time. And I honestly don't know if I'm 100-percent willing to do it, because I'm seriously considering kickboxing right now.

People perceiving him as “guarded and thorny:”

I don't give a shit what they think. People have opinions, and they're like assholes. If you don't want to investigate what you're passing judgment on, then it's your fault. And I believe that if people investigate Goldberg as a human being, I'm not such a bad guy.

Passion of wrestling fans - obsessive or admirable?:

I think it's both. In some cases, it's closer to obsession, and in some cases, it's admirable. For the most part, it's admirable. It gives them someone to look up to, someone to live vicariously through. I'm a sports fan. I'm sitting here with the Mets, and I get to throw out the first pitch. That's one of the coolest things in the world for anybody. [Wrestling fandom] is a different world, and one I acknowledge and greatly appreciate, but I don't really understand it, you know?

Friendship with Brock Lesnar:

Brock and Ernest Miller are the only two [wrestlers] that I talk to since I left. I talk to Brock once [every] couple months. He's a genius, but he's a little younger than me, and he can tolerate a little more than I can. I refuse to do it. The one year that I [joined WWE], I'm so mad at myself for doing it, but I owed it to the fans to try it. I put myself on that platter and I got slaughtered. That's how I feel, and I shouldn't feel like that. I should think wrestling is the most positive thing in the world. The fact is, behind the scenes, there's stuff that goes on that's bush-league. It's laughable. So to see a guy like Brock do what he's doing, are you kidding me? I admire him whole-heartedly, and I like to think that I taught him a thing or two. I'd love to wrestle Brock again.

CLICK HERE to read the piece in its entirety.

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