Goldberg Returning To Pro Wrestling But Not With WWE

Bill Goldberg was quoted by FoxSports.com saying that he's going to make an appearance in professional wrestling but it won’t be with WWE. He also credited the business for making him who he is today in the public eye.

“I’m going to make an appearance in professional wrestling, but it won't be for the WWE," Goldberg said while attending the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Bristol Motor Speedway and picked up by FoxSports.com. "If I put wrestling boots and wrestling trunks on one last time -- and I'm going to -- it's going to be done by me and me only."

He discussed his past working relationship with WWE and why it wasn’t therapeutic:

"Anything I did with the WWE was not therapeutic by any stretch of the imagination," said Goldberg. "The reality is that nobody's going to tell you that because they have an umbilical cord hooked to Vince McMahon. I, ladies and gentlemen, do not. So, therefore, I can say what I want and not have any repercussions because I don't rely on them for a job.”

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