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Goldberg Says His Body Feels Horrible, Tweaked Shoulder On Raw

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Bill Goldberg

Bill Goldberg is hitting the media rounds hard to promote Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view. There have been some quotes that have raised some eyebrows as he prepares to face one of the most physical talents that WWE has in Brock Lesnar.

Check out what he told NBC Sports when it was asked if Survivor Series is his last match:

"I'm sure acting like it. At the end of the day, it's all that I'm concerned about. I take one day as it is.

"My body feels horrible. I tweaked my shoulder last night (on Raw), but that doesn't mean in five days that I'm not going to come out kicking ass and taking names like I always do.”

Here’s a quote from an interview he did with The Wall Street Journal about tripping on Raw his second appearance back:

"I tripped in the ring in my second appearance back, and I don't do that," Goldberg said. "I kinda attributed it to overtraining. Maybe something like that had to happen to tell me that I was overtraining. God has a very special way of letting us know what he wants. It was a sign for me, and I backed off a little bit.”

Goldberg will face Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series on Sunday from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We’ll have live coverage here at

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