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Goldust Denies Plans For WrestleMania Match With Cody Rhodes; JR Talks Problems With Backstage Environment

- Goldust took to Twitter today to address any rumors of a match between Cody Rhodes and himself at WrestleMania XXX:


I repeat... I WILL NOT BE FIGHTING MY BROTHER AT MANIA!!!!!!! Time has passed. Think what u want. Wouldnt get the spotlight it deserves.

— Dustin Rhodes (@Goldust) February 13, 2014

">@Goldust thanks for ruining part of mania already! You'll be saying roman reigns is fighting taker next!”creative did

— GOLDUST (@Goldust) February 13, 2014

- The latest blog post from Jim Ross touches on the backstage environment, the lack of legitimate new top talent in the industry, and more. Below is an excerpt:

If any wrestling company fosters a backstage environment that does not encourage their talents to speak up and get more involved in their careers from a presentation and creative standpoint, that company is asking for hard times. In ring participants like to perform and to create or they wouldn't be in the biz. If one is a performer then they likely have an above average abundance of creativity. Any show business entity that stifles creativity from their performers is myopic.

Talents cannot be afraid to speak up but unfortunately because of the shrinking number of places a talent can work and earn a decent living the "don't rock the boat" philosophy seems to permeate the wrestling business.

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