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Goldust Talks "Pricey" Face Paint, Being Sober For 6 Years And Counting

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Goldust talked about his ring gear in the June 2014 issue of WWE Magazine in a feature called "The Hurt Locker." In it, he said he purchases paint once a month and goes through several three-ounce canisters during the month. Goldust said it gets "very pricey very fast."

He said he wears regular batting gloves and wears Stage Coach boots. Goldust said he had a pair with a matching "Brotherhood" symbol for him and Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania XXX but they arrived 5 minutes too late.

Goldust noted he's been sober for six years and counting and is in the best shape of his life.

The June 2014 issue of WWE Magazine is on newsstands everywhere. Subscription information is available at this link.

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