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Good News & Bad News For Ted DiBiase - Undergoing Shoulder Surgery, Gets To See His Baby Boy In 4D

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- Ted DiBiase won't have surgery on his ankle but he will undergo surgery on his shoulder while he is out. The following is from DiBiase's official Twitter:

" data-datetime="2012-03-09T20:16:00+00:00">March 9, 2012

" data-datetime="2012-03-09T20:17:28+00:00">March 9, 2012

" data-datetime="2012-03-09T20:34:10+00:00">March 9, 2012

Richard Reacts: From one father-to-be to another, congratulations! I got to see my son in 4D not long ago and the technology is truly amazing.

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