Hall Of Famers At Smackdown, 10 Greatest Wrestlers To Never Wrestle In WWE


WWE Hall of Famers at Smackdown

WWE Hall of Famer Bob Backlund was at this week's Smackdown taping in Long Island. Backlund was at WWE live events last weekend and Raw on Monday. We've already noted that WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley was at Smackdown with his family. Click here for a photo of Foley's kids.

10 Greatest Wrestlers to Never Wrestle in WWE

WWE has a new article here on dot com listing the "10 Greatest Wrestlers to Never Wrestle in WWE." The list is topped by Sting, here it is in its entirety:

#1 Sting
#2 Abdullah the Butcher
#3 The Great Muta
#4 New Jack
#5 Vampiro
#6 Nikita Koloff
#7 The Sinister Minister
#8 The Midnight Express
#9 Akira Hokuto
#10 Magnum TA

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