The Hardys In Rome; Jack Swagger Speaks On Post-WWE Life

Jack Swagger

The Hardys in Rome

WWE's RAW brand has just started an international tour through Europe and begins the first leg of the tour in Rome. In a new video, The Hardys celebrated being back in Rome for the first time in a long while and talked about their rivalry with Sheamus and Cesaro. You can check out the video above.

Jack Swagger On Post-WWE Life

After leaving the WWE this year, Jack Swagger has been outspoken while remaining respectful about his time in the company. Recently, he talked about his life now that he has finished up with the company and said the following:

"I think the thing that I'm feeling the most is the freedom – the best things in pro wrestling happen naturally. Whether it's the fans gravitating towards something, or a character developing a certain way. The best ones develop naturally and you have to have freedom in order to do that. The promotions are really becoming their own brands and some are working together and some are doing very good business. And they are providing wrestlers outside of WWE a very good opportunity in this day of social media and the internet to really have the freedom to create their own character and really run with it. Don't get me wrong, the WWE has some great people who work on this stuff everyday. A lot of their angles are brilliant and fun to watch. They just tend to get micromanaged a lot. But now I work for my own company, so I guess I make the head decisions on those sorts of things now."

Swagger also joked around about his name rights and said he may go by "Formerly Known as Jack Swagger" or become French-American and go by "Jacques Swagger."


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