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AEW's Full Gear is shaping up to be a pretty exciting pay per view. Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston in an I quit match for the AEW World Championship, Darby Allin challenging for the TNT title, the finals of the eliminator tournament to decide the number one contender for the world title, The Young Bucks vs. FTR, this is the most hyped I have been for an AEW event in a while. There is, however, one match that stands out to me as having the potential to steal the night, and that is Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara in what is being called The Elite Deletion. 

Now it seems like The Elite Deletion will be a cinematic match in a similar style to Hardy's past matches like The Final Deletion and The Ultimate Deletion and his well done YouTube series Free The Delete. But in a year full of swamp fights, boneyard matches, and stadium stampedes, it might be easy to think that The Elite Deletion won't do much to stand out. But if you think that the king of the cinematic match, Matt Hardy, won't bring his signature touch to this match, you would be wrong. 

Here are 5 things I want to see in The Elite Deletion! 

5. The Baby Hardy Boyz Return To The Ring

Baby Hardy Boys

If you keep up with Matt Hardy on YouTube or even have just watched some of his other matches from the Hardy Compound, you know about The Baby Hardy Boyz. Not only are Matt's kids adorable, but they are probably the greatest tag team under the age of 5 anywhere in the world. 

Matt's oldest son, King Maxel, has entered the ring officially at least once to my knowledge beating Rockstar Spud (WWE's Drake Maverick) in a no-disqualification match as a part of Total Nonstop Deletion. I'm not saying that Maxel should squash Guevara like he did Spud, but it would be fun to see the youngest generation get put over by a relative veteran like Sammy. 

4. The Return of Vanguard 1 

RIP Vanguard 1

I know that technically Vanguard 1 was replaced by Neo 1 after Vanguard was smashed to bits by Chris Jericho's bat Floyd (If you don't keep up with Matt Hardy, I promise you this sentence makes sense), but Vanguard 1 would not be the first wrestling start to "come back from the dead." 

Look, this isn't a knock against Neo 1, but he just isn't the same as Vanguard 1. I'd love to see a reborn drone rise from The Lake of Reincarnation just in time to save Matt from some kind of untimely death. Somehow, this seems like the most far-out expectation for this match, and that seems weird considering how crazy these matches can get. 

3. Riding Lawn Mower Spot 

Matt Hardy lawn mower

Both The Final Deletion and The Ultimate Deletion have included Matt Hardy maniacally laughing while riding his lawnmower. It just wouldn't feel right if The Elite Deletion didn't include the lawnmower. 

Conveniently, there are two ways that AEW can make this spot feel like it makes sense in their world and isn't just an obligatory lawnmower spot. The first and most obvious is that Matt has already chased Sammy in a golf cart, so a lawnmower chase wouldn't seem out of place to do instead of the cart. The other is that AEW's Dark Order has a joke from Being The Elite involving wanting to buy six riding lawnmowers, so if AEW wants to put John Silver and Brodie Lee at the Hardy compound with their own lawnmowers, they should just go ahead and do it. 

2. A New Vessel For Sammy Guevara

Brother Nero

Once Jeff Hardy had been deleted, the character change into Brother Nero was a fun change of pace for the high flyer. I want to see something like this happen to Sammy Guevara. Even if the match doesn't end with a clear winner, I think something needs to change in Sammy following this match. 

I don't think that Sammy needs to become Matt's minion or anything like that, but I think if he discovered some of his own broken brilliance, he could really take that to a new level. 

1. The Return of Broken Matt

Broken Matt Hardy

I know that Matt Hardy just put his multiverse gimmick to rest on Dynamite, but it is pretty clear that his broken brilliance is just waiting for a chance to be unleashed again. Currently, Matt has been making a YouTube series involving his multiple personas again, and Broken Matt has been making several appearances. 

Maybe his broken persona doesn't stick around much longer, but I don't think you can have a deletion match without the broken brilliance that made it work in the first place!

What do you think? Are you looking forward to The Elite Deletion? Let me know by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer

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