Paul "HHH" Levesque spoke with the media Thursday afternoon, answering questions about NXT Takeover, Drake Maverick's contract situation, and even COVID-19 testing which appeared to catch the WWE EVP slightly off guard with his answer.

  • Levesque was asked if the company is doing COVID-19 testing and if not, why. Levesque never directly answered with a yes or no, instead saying that WWE's medical experts work with the CDC and the local/federal government on the best approach for them to take to ensure wellness of their performers. He questioned the accuracy of the various types of testing and said that when accurate, widespread testing is made available, they will do so. He said their medical protocols are extensive and most importantly "they've worked."
  • Levesque said that Maverick, who didn't win the NXT Cruiserweight title Wednesday but was announced as signed to NXT afterward, really caught on through the course of the tourney and it was hard to ignore what was happening. Levesque said the tourney was booked out and then, he was part of the releases. He was given the option to continue and he took it. He put over what a great guy Maverick is and how much he loves, and wants to be in, WWE.
  • Levesque also said that Sunday's Adam Cole/Velveteen Dream title match will done "out of the arena, off site" but stopped short of saying it would be cinematic. "There will be a ring and this will be what we do" but will be shot differently and in a different environment. The match has already been taped, but the rest of Sunday's show will be live.
  • He loved the recent cage fight between Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher and wants to use it again to help settle grudge matches.
  • He said that they are paying attention to what's happening in Florida with the Phase 2 expansion and the ability to bring in fans, but wants to only do so when it's safe for everyone.

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