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HHH Interview - Randy Orton's Behavior, Conspiracy Against Punk, Batista The Face Of WWE?

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This week's kayfabe Triple H interview is with Renee Young, not Michael Cole, and is online at this link. Below are the highlights:

  • Young asked Hunter if Randy Orton made things right with him on Raw. Triple H said he would let everyone know after Royal Rumble if Randy made things right.
  • He said Brock Lesnar was the most amazing and intense athlete he's ever been in the ring with. Hunter said Big Show has been in the business for 20 years and rises to the level of his opponent and Lesnar is going to take Show a place he's never been before.
  • Young asked Triple H about the conspiracy against CM Punk and entering the Royal Rumble match as number one. He dismissed it, saying being number one should be no problem and he'll have the opportunity to show he's the best in the world.
  • Triple H said Batista looked incredible on Raw and he knew that he would return in top form. He said he made his intensions clear, he wants to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He said it's premature to even ask the question if Batista has what it takes to be the "face of WWE." Hunter said he has a lot of hoops to jump through before he's even in that conversation and he has a lot of work to do.
  • When pushed, Hunter said Batista being the "face of WWE" wouldn't be that hard to imagine if he won the Royal Rumble and went on to win the title at Wrestlemania.

You can watch the kayfabe interview in its entirety below:

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