Highlights From Bret Hart & HBK "Signing Of A Lifetime" With Video & Attendee Reactions


Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels hosted "The Signing of Lifetime" Friday night from Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. The event opened with a meet and greet with fans and was proceeded by a question and answer session. Below are the highlights followed by video and attendee reactions:

  • The infamous "midget skit" that aired after the Montreal Screwjob on Monday Night Raw was brought up. Michaels revealed it was an idea of Vince Russo and Hart said he wished he had a better ending in the WWF than that.
  • Both Hart and Michaels agreed that Owen Hart and "Macho Man" Randy Savage should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.
  • Bret Hart said his dream opponents would have been Kurt Angle and John Cena. He said he would have given Cena the best match he ever had. Michaels revealed his dream opponents as Ricky Steamboat or Harley Race.
  • Hart said he would have vacated the WWF Championship the night after Survivor Series 1997 on Monday Night Raw had the screwjob not happened.
  • Shawn said some of his favorite matches of his career included the Iron Man Match against Bret Hart and the Ladder Match against Razor Ramon.
  • Michaels admitted to turning down storylines after his return to the WWF in 2002 that involved cursing because he didn't feel comfortable as a born again Christian.
  • Bret said if he was working Wrestlemania 29 on Sunday he would want to face Cena. Michaels said he'd like a match against Daniel Bryan or CM Punk.
  • Hart feels there is too much talking and not enough wrestling in WWE currently. Shawn admitted he doesn't watch much anymore and is trying to catch up on all the TV he missed while on the road.

Video of the event is located at this link or embedded below:

Attendees noted the event, promoted by Big Time Wrestling, was disorganized and oversold but Shawn and Bret were polite and personable.

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