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Highlights From WWE's 2012 Annual Report - TV, Merchandise, International Expansion, Partnerships

2012 WWE Annual Report

WWE filed their 2012 Annual Report ahead of Thursday's quarterly earnings report and investor conference call. I compiled the bullet points from the beginning of the report and have included them below:

  1. While existing television properties maintained their lasting popularity, WWE expanded its broadcast content in 2012 with the launch of two new shows, WWE Main Event and WWE Saturday Morning Slam, and the addition of a third hour of Raw.
  2. In addition to an already successful collection of action figures, video game, and merchandise properties, WWE continues to expand its presence at retail with the release of innovative new products like Brawlin’ Buddies talking plush figures.
  3. International expansion to emerging markets was key in 2012, as WWE embarked on a successful tour of the United Arab Emirates and held live events in Brazil and Russia for the first time ever.
  4. The development of new industry partnerships, including an upcoming Scooby-Doo collaboration with Warner Bros. Animation, is a vital component in WWE Studios’ efforts to expand the scope of the WWE brand.

The complete report is available in PDF format at this link.

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