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Highlights Of Rusev Winning Us Title, Why WWE Should Be Commended

For those that missed Sheamus dropping the WWE United States Championship to Rusev following this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw on the WWE Network, highlights are available at this link. You can also watch embedded in the video below:

Richard Reacts: My position on Rusev has changed. As I explained after Hell in a Cell in Ask WNW, while my questions surrounding the longevity of his Russian apologist gimmick remain, I believe he can get it done in the ring. Rusev is versatile and athletic, something that has given both Big Show and Mark Henry lengthy careers in WWE. I don’t know if he’ll ever be a top guy but I’m high up on him. While it was predictable that he would beat Sheamus for the US title, it is refreshing to see one of the mid-card belts being utilized for its intended purpose. This match “meant something” and that’s all we can ask for regarding secondary titles.

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