Hogan and Edge at Raw 25th Anniversary, Jordan Injury, Paige Status, All Announced Legends Returning for Raw


Hulk Hogan and Sting did an autograph signing in Glendale Arizona just outside Phoenix for Ace Comic-Con on Monday. When fans asked Hogan about Raw 25 and if he would be there, he repeatedly answered: "I would love to be there".

WWE did not want Jason Jordan working a match on Monday because he has a minor injury. This is why he was kept out of most of the contact.

In an interesting note, not only was Paige alongside Absolution on Monday they only made a quick comment on the fact she will not be in the Rumble and made no mention of a long-term injury let alone retirement.

Zack's Note: There were a few people who criticized us for not posting the Paige news sooner. It wasn't that we didn't hear the rumors it's that we COULD NOT confirm them. We will ALWAYS reach out to our sources to confirm before throwing news up. We would rather post something 3 hours late and be able to confirm it. We still can not confirm Paige's "retirement" so we posted the article saying it was a rumor. Personally, I don't think she's done, I think the story distorted and blew up. No one wanted to be the last to post it IF it were true. I am going on record saying I don't believe it is.

It is very likely that Edge will be appearing on the 25th anniversary of Raw... and why wouldn't he? Edge was a huge part of the company and while he was mostly on Smackdown during his big run, it makes sense for him to be there. With his wife doing commentary for Mixed Match Challenge on Tuesday, it allows him to travel with her as she is also scheduled for Raw 25.

With RAW running two different venues for Raw 25 (the Manhattan Center as well as the Barclays Center), WWE will have JR and King doing commentary from the Manhattan Center and the normal Monday night crew at the Barclays. The set for the Barclays will have an old school feel to it.

Here is a current list of advertised legends for Raw 25th Anniversary:

Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Undertaker
D-Generation X
Jim Ross
Jerry Lawler
Dudley Boyz
Ric Flair
Scott Hall
Kevin Nash
Eric Bischoff
Chris Jericho
Ron Simmons
The Godfather
Brother Love
The Boogeyman
Teddy Long
The Million Dollar Man
John Laurinaitis
Sgt. Slaughter
The Bella Twins
Terri Runnels
Torrie Wilson
Maria Kanellis
Michelle McCool
Kelly Kelly

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