Hogan To WWE Update, Brie's Bachelorette Party, WWE Departure, JR Speaks

- TMZ Sports caught up with Hulk Hogan over the weekend. A photog asked him if the rumors are true that he's returning to the WWE at 60-years-old. Hogan brushed him off but you can watch the footage at this link.

- Speaking of coverage by TMZ Sports, the publication covered Brie Bella's bachelorette party at this link. Brie and Nikki Bella celebrated at Prep Kitchen in San Diego, California on Saturday night and all the girls took a photo with Daniel Bryan beards.

- Mistico, the original Sin Cara, is scheduled to begin wrestling in Mexico at the beginning of next month. WWE is letting his contract lapse and are not interested in re-signing him. The plan going forward is for Hunico to work as Sin Cara.

- The Miami Herald has new article online featuring quotes from Jim Ross. Click here to read it.

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