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HoHo Lun On His Poor Debut, 205 Live & More

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HoHo Lun

Former NXT talent HoHo Lun (who was recently released by the WWE) was interviewed by the South China Morning Post and had the following to say about what he considered to be a poor debut:

“The morning of the match, I still felt normal. And then when I got to the backstage I thought, ‘Oh my god, is it me next?’ I was a little bit upset afterwards, I felt it’s not the best match I’ve done. American style is totally different, so that first match is very nervous for me. I see it on my Twitter – ‘Ho Ho sucks.’ I said, ‘Yeah, I know.’ It breaks your heart, but I know it’s true. If I’m reviewing that match, I’d type the same thing on my Twitter. But if they criticize me, that means they watched me. It’s better than people not watching me. It motivated me to get better.”

Wanting to be on 205 Live:

“Other than the Cruiserweight Classic, every NXT match I do, the guy is one foot taller than me, I can’t do much. Most of my matches in NXT are like five minutes. If there’s a chance, I wanted to do more matches with smaller guys. I never got a chance to wrestle there [205 Live]. I don’t know what happened. Maybe they want me to stay in NXT for a while first.”

Having to "babysit" some wrestlers:

“When Tian Bing first got there, he cannot even say: ‘How are you?’ in English. But he’s getting a lot better now. They signed seven other wrestlers from China in January, most of them did not have any experience to live outside China. Sometimes it’s quite painful to work with them, because the culture is a lot different. You have to explain to them. But I wanted to help. That’s my job, babysitting. [Laughs] We always make fun of me, ‘I’m the babysitter. Do this, don’t do that. Put your garbage in a bag! That’s recycling!’ In China, they just do things different, but they’re learning really quick. Hong Kong is much more British, you know, the way I grew up.”

Credit: WrestleZone for transcribed audio


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