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Hornswoggle Makes Amends With The Rock After Posting Negative Remarks About Him On Twitter

Hornswoggle has spoken with The Rock and apologized after Hornswoggle posted a tweet following The Rock's concert on Raw. The tweet, which has been removed, read:

Glad @TheRock needs to sing karaoke to get his $hit in. @JohnCena will always be a true professional, doesn’t need scripted lines, bullet points, or #stupidsrxualinuendos like @TheRock

Hornswoggle posted the following today, along with a photo of writing on his wrist:

">TheRock ...… — Hornswoggle (@wwehornswoggle)

Just had a talk with @TheRock ...

— Dylan Postl (@wwehornswoggle) March 19, 2012

" data-datetime="2012-03-19T23:42:51+00:00">March 19, 2012

The Rock responded with the following tweet:

" data-datetime="2012-03-22T02:11:43+00:00">March 22, 2012

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