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I've seen similar headline on a few different wrestling sites over the last week. That in & of itself is nothing new, people will always speculate when it comes to new signings especially on NXT, but one in particular stood out to me. The headline was "Will WWE Actually Use Karrion Kross Properly?" Why did it stick out so much? Because it was the most ridiculous and “Duh” headline I’ve seen in a very long time.

Anybody that watched NXT last Wednesday night and saw the production that went into his entrance can tell you that WWE has high hopes for Karrion Kross. Let me be clear though, an awesome entrance doesn’t always guarantee success. Sami Zayn has a fantastic entrance and the fans love it - but can you say in any way that he has been a success? Gangrel had one of the coolest entrances of the Attitude Era but was never pushed higher than mid-card. Bobby Roode, Aleister Black & Shinsuke Nakamura all had memorable NXT entrances that became less so once they moved to Raw and SmackDown.

The Karrion Kross entrance could lose its novelty too. It was incredible to see, but will it be incredible every week? The whole reason people still pop for that first toll of the bell when The Undertaker arrives is because it's so rare these days. We’re obviously not at that point yet and it will likely take a while to grow tired of it, but try telling me with a straight face that this wasn’t the best debut on NXT programming since… ever.


However, it wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Now I might be in the minority here, but the whole lip-synching bit didn’t really do it for me. It was a little bit awkward and quite cringe to tell the truth. I never have a problem with Scarlett (the surname killer strikes again!) moving around and doing Scarlett things, but the lip-synching was very uncomfortable to me. The general consensus seems to be that people loved it and I'm glad they did. The entrance might be harder to pull off in a larger venue with more space for Scarlett to cover, but you can definitely see a live crowd getting behind it and chanting along to "FALLEN PREY!".

Karrion Kross certainly has a lot more going for him than just a flashy entrance. The guy looks like an absolute beast, carries himself like an indestructible force & has a certain je-ne-sais-quoi about him, and it’s easy to see why WWE has high hopes for him. The potential is certainly there for big things and it's surely only a matter of time before he is plying his trade on the main roster.


Before we get our hope's up though, let's be honest for a second. There’s always the potential for WWE to screw it up.

We all know how it usually happens, we've seen it dozens of times. WWE brings in a new superstar and they promote them to become a big deal for a short period of time. Then the company decides that they've found the answer to the declining ratings, call the rising star up to the main roster... and it all falls to pieces. Finn Balor. Bobby Roode. Sami Zayn. Neville. Viking Raiders. The list is almost endless. Obviously this isn't the talents fault - it usually comes down to poor, 50/50 booking decisions. It's almost as if WWE don't want anybody to get too big for their britches in case they depart for Hollywood a' La The Rock. It ensures that nobody becomes too big of a star.

Not the brightest outlook to have, I know, but that's what WWE have done to me over the years. How can Karrion Kross be an exception to the rule? Well, for one thing, his first month or so should follow a similar template to the one he had on Wednesday. Nothing but Saito suplexes & chokeholds delivered at lightning speed. At some point he will obviously need to have an actual match against more legitimate competition, but the last thing we need is to see him out there selling for anybody lower down the ladder than another monster like Keith Lee.

Kross seems to be unique and different right now, which again is something we have seen and said many times before. He simply has to be kept that way. He can’t be seen doing the same stuff that everybody else on NXT does. That’s how The Undertaker got over back around the time that I first started watching wrestling. His style has influenced so many of today "big men", with his matches, movement and mannerisms all showing what these giants are truly capable of. He stood out, and that's very much what todays 300+ pounders are trying to do.

Kross needs to stand out, and I'm quite sure he will. NXT has had a tough time keeping that energy and interest going recently, and it could be argued that Lee is their only real stand out superstar right now. It wasn't all that long ago when Damian Priest was seen as being their next monster heel, and for all of his talent, he fell into the trap of having too many typical NXT matches. NXT is simply put the best thing WWE have done for years, but the harsh reality is that sometimes NXT shows almost seem to morph into a 3 hour long match. Dozens of near falls. Big guys doing moonsaults. Never say die attitudes. Screwy finishes. Because of this, Priest now seems to be just another talented guy with a silly nickname.


Sometimes the best thing that you can do is also the simplest. For starters, don’t call somebody “The Archer of Infamy”. It sounds ridiculous.

If WWE want Karrion Kross to be their next big star they just have to keep doing what they're doing until the Quarantine Era is over and we’re back to some form of normality within the wrestling world. Let him be that monster, that must-see attraction that led to him being signed in the first place. That entrance for the first time in front of a live crowd will be absolutely wild. It’ll make him an instant star.

WWE desperately need to make stars right now. They've lost too many over the last decade and didn't spend enough time building up new ones. With the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton and The Undertaker all nearing the end of their careers, the company are in real danger of having no big attractions left, meaning an over reliance on legends and part timers. Recent reports seem to suggest that the higher-ups within the company are big on Kross and it's only a matter of time before Vince gets his hands on him.

Hopefully the NXT to WWE curse won't strike again with Kross. There is no reason why he can't be the next big thing.

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