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As of writing this article, AEW Revolution is just over one week away, and that means it is time for the hype train to start rolling. The current card definitely looks to be worthy of that pay-per-view price, and fans are ready to see just what AEW's version of an exploding barbed wire deathmatch looks like. Revolution couldn't come at a better time for All Elite Wrestling. The relatively new promotion is on the edge of taking their next step into the role of a mainstream alternative to WWE. This event holds all of the keys to push them forward. 

The card promises not only the aforementioned exploding barbed wire deathmatch but also the AEW in-ring debut of Sting, a tag-team championship match, a women's championship match, and the "face of the Revolution" ladder match. AEW has put together a stacked card featuring some of the most prominent players on the roster, and fans should be looking forward to not only the pay-per-view itself but also the future that it could usher in. 

So what was can Revolution push forward AEW? Let's find out! 

The End of the Darby Allin and Team Taz Feud


I know that I am not the only one who feels like this feud has been going in circles for a long time now, but it is seriously time for both Darby and the members of Team Taz to move on from each other and start focusing on other priorities. While AEW has had the opportunity to end this feud on a number of occasions, Revolution is the perfect time to do this as it will also mark Sting's in-ring debut for the company. 

With Team Taz out of the way, AEW can start to rebuild and refocus the TNT Championship scene and figure out exactly where Sting fits in with the story they want to tell with Darby Allin. Team Taz will also be free to move on to other avenues in AEW, maybe the tag-team division or a monster singles run for Brian Cage. 

None of this means that Darby won't cross paths with any of the members of Team Taz again, but let's give it a rest for a few months and let all of these guys develop more away from each other. 

The Face of the Revolution Ladder Match

Face of the revolution

AEW has an awesome opportunity here with the face of the revolution ladder match. In the past, the promotion has tried out the ladder match for a title shot concept, but the follow-through wasn't that impressive. With this match, AEW could set up their version of the Money In The Bank or G1 Briefcase. 

Just imagine a guy like Scorpio Sky not only having to win the ladder match in order to get his shot but also having to defend his shot until he actually executes it. The concept is an easy way to help build up whoever wins the match into a legitimate threat for the TNT Championship. I can't guarantee that this is how AEW will book the winner of the ladder match, but I think it has the opportunity to stand out from the past Casino Battle Royales and the Casino Ladder Match. 

Most likely, AEW will book this the same way they have before, but if they wanted to step in a new direction, this is the chance to do so. 

The Future of the Tag Team Division


I'm gonna be honest here, the tag team title scene in AEW has felt a little stale ever since the champions, The Young Bucks, got involved in the Impact and AEW crossover after the events at Winter Is Coming. While the level of quality in the division hasn't diminished, it just feels like the bucks have their own thing with The Good Brothers that doesn't really intersect with the rest of the tag division. 

All of that could change at Revolution. Now I am not expecting MJF and Chris Jericho to end up beating the Bucks and taking the titles, but I would like to see The Inner Circle take Matt and Nick to their limit and really force the champs to refocus on the AEW tag team division. Or if the future of the AEW tag teams really is The Good Brothers, let's actually see that feud get going. I am open to all options, but AEW can't keep spinning its wheels without knowing what is going on at the top of the division. 

Refocusing The AEW World Championship Picture

kenny-omega-champ-don-callis-600x375 (1)

Kenny Omega haters should settle in because it doesn't seem like the belt is leaving his side anytime soon. Since Kenny took the belt off of Jon Moxley at Winter Is Coming, the biggest question for many fans has been when will Mox get his rematch? 

Well, now Mox has his rematch, and it is in an exploding barbed wire deathmatch. I predict that this match will send Moxley into an extended leave from AEW to spend time with his wife and their soon-to-be-born child. Thus leaving Kenny Omega as champ with a new challenger emerging from the clearing smoke. 

It doesn't matter to me if the challenger comes from AEW or any of the promotions that they have recently formed partnerships with. Still, I hope that it becomes clear what direction the AEW World Championship is heading in the aftermath of Revolution. 

Finding Sting's Place in AEW


Sting is #AllElite, and so far, that has meant that he walks out to the ring and talks about Darby Allin or is confronted by Team Taz each week. Last week, Sting took a nasty powerbomb which hopefully let the fans know that he can still take a bump. With Revolution marking Sting's first official match in AEW, this is also the time to figure out just what value he adds to the roster. 

Let me just say that I am not against Sting working in the ring as long as he is willing to do it and AEW has cleared him to compete. But if it turns out that it makes more sense for him to manage a wrestler or a stable while occasionally stepping in for a match, that makes a ton of sense too. Revolution will give fans and AEW the chance to see what Sting has left in the tank, but let's hope that it also gives us some clarity on his role going forward. 

So there you have it, how AEW can use Revolution 2021 to push forward to the next stage in their development. What are you excited to see at Revolution? Would you like to see another match added to the card? Let me know by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer

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