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WNW Fantasy Booking: AEW vs. WWE PPV

The Wednesday Night Wars rage on, and fans argue every night about which TV show was better, and this argument will rage on for as long as the shows are on the same night. If ratings are anything to go by, then AEW wins more often the NXT. But, this article isn't about just AEW vs. just NXT. This article is about anyone AEW has had on any of their PPV's or Dynamite vs. anyone on WWE's roster.

We all know that an event like this will never happen, mostly because neither promotion would want to see their guy lose to the other, making their promotion look weak, but if it could happen, these are some of the matches I would like to see take place.

For most of the matches, I'm going to leave the actual spots in the matches up to your imagination; I'll only be providing a finish, and keeping score of which promotion is "winning" so far.

Samoa Joe vs. Brian Cage vs. Braun Strowman vs. Lance Archer

Let me just start this off by saying that for the purpose of this article, Braun is not Universal Champion.

I'm not going to lie, this match will probably be slow-paced, and will likely be a short one, but seeing these four behemoths go against one another will be very entertaining.

All four of these men are agile, and all four can do moves that men of their size shouldn't do. So, seeing the four of them get to showcase their talents would be a great way to open the show.

This match doesn't have any implications, so the winner doesn't really matter aside from giving their home promotion the first win of the night, so with that being said, Brian Cage probably has the most to gain with a W here given his current standing in AEW. Still, seeing Cage and Samoa Joe getting a moment in the ring to tear into each other would be a real treat.

AEW: 1 | WWE: 0

Hikaru Shida vs. Asuka

This one was obvious. AEW's Women's Champion versus one of the best Women's wrestlers WWE has to offer in their RAW Women's champion Asuka.

This would no doubt be a clinic in wrestling and would be a serious contender for match of the year, as will many other matches on this card. These two Women will tear the house down and have everyone on the edge of their seats.

Shida will put up a good fight, but Asuka's veteran knowledge will give her the upper hand. Shida will make a mistake late, leading to Asuka spitting "Green Mist" into her eyes, and locking in the Asuka Lock for the win. Shida won't tap out though, she will pass out, and Asuka and Shida will give each other a bow of respect following the match.

AEW: 1 | WWE: 1

MJF vs. Randy Orton

Let's find out who the more dastardly heel in wrestling is. This will once again be a slower-paced match, as these two men will look to dominate early, and will eventually lean towards their heel tendencies in the end.

Both men will rake eyes, and both men will hold submission holds for longer than they should, in the end though, a low blow, followed by a stolen RKO will give MJF the win.

AEW: 2 | WWE: 1

Death Triangle vs. The New Day

Honestly, a match I didn't know I wanted to see until I started thinking of matches for this card.

Some of you may view this match as a waste of spot for the New Day, but I disagree. The New Day have been some of the biggest babyfaces on WWE TV as of late, and Death Triangle, once they get back on AEW Dynamite, could be the biggest heel faction on the show.

Plus, seeing Big E throw Rey Fenix across the ring is something I definitely want to see. Plus, if Fenix does try a jump to the outside, the guys in this match will catch him.

The two trios will go back and forth, but a midnight hour onto PAC will seal the deal for The New Day.

AEW: 2 | WWE: 2

AEW TNT Champion vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion

For the sake of this article, let's say AJ Styles wins the Intercontinental Championship tournament, he won't be taking on Cody though, no I have other plans for him. Instead, AJ will take on Hangman Adam Page, who has broken away from The Elite and taken on a path of his own.

Page will dominate early, using his slight strength advantage to good use, keeping the quicker Styles grounded, and under his control. Styles will break away though, and quicken the pace, and take to the skies.

Page will once again ground Styles though, and set him up for the Buckshot Lariat, as Page jumps into the ring thought, Styles will catch him in the Calf Crusher in the middle of the ring, and force Page to tap out.

AEW: 2 | WWE: 3

It's time to get into the "Main Events" of the card. Just keep in mind as you read through these, that I said anyone from any AEW show, can be a part of this card.

AEW Champion vs. WWE Champion

None of the contenders in this match will be changed. It will be Jon Moxley vs. Drew McIntyre, and it will be a phenomenal match.

This is a match we didn't really get to see when the pair were in WWE. Neither of the men were in the form they are now when the pair were in WWE, but we will get it now.

Moxley will showcase his wild side; his never say die side. While McIntyre will dominate the majority of the match. Moxley will get his shots in, even hitting a Paradigm Shift, for a close two count, but in the end, it will take three Claymore Kicks to put the AEW Champion down.

AEW: 2 | WWE: 4

Inner Circle vs. Undisputed Era - 5-on-5 Survivor Match

This match will undoubtedly be the match of the night when it's all said and done.

Since the Undisputed Era only has four members in its ranks, they will have to add a member to their ranks, and that fifth and final member will be none other than Edge. Jericho and Edge have had big matches in the past, and its only fitting that Edge comes in to stand up for the company that Jericho betrayed, and he stuck with.

This is an elimination-style match, that will open with Roderick Strong against Sammy Guevara. Strong and Guevara go back and forth and get to control the ring for the majority of the opening segment of the match. Both men go for tags, only to be pulled away by the other guy. Finally, Strong will hit an End of Heartache to eliminate Guevara.

Hager will then run in and hit his Gutwrench Powerbomb to eliminate Strong. Hager will then turn and tag in Santana, who will take on Bobby Fish. Fish and Santana go back and forth until Fish tags in his tag partner O'Reilly, while Santana tags in Ortiz at the same time.

O'Reilly and Ortiz will go back and forth until Ortiz throws O'Reilly into his corner. Once O'Reilly lands in the corner, the rest of the Inner Circle goes on the attack, drawing the Undisputed Era across the ring to help the comrade, leading to an all-out brawl that ends when Ortiz and Santana get O'Reilly in the ring hitting their finisher to eliminate O'Reilly. As they celebrate, though, Adam Cole slides in and rolls Ortiz up to eliminate him.

Santana is oblivious to this, and as he climbs down from the top rope, Cole grabs him, hits a Canadian Destroyer, and eliminates Santana.

(For those of you not keeping track, that leaves Cole and Edge on one side, with Jericho and Hager on the other.)

Cole and Hager stand across from each other in the ring, as Edge and Jericho look on from the outside, Cole and Hager lock up, and Hager throws Cole into the corner and knees him a few times. Cole falls out of the corner, and Hager runs across the ring to hit the Hager Splash, he lands squarely on Cole and picks Cole up to hit the Gutwrench Powerbomb. As Hager gets Cole lifted above his head, while Jericho celebrates on the outside, Edge spears Hager, making Cole land on Hager for the cover and the elimination.

When Jericho turns around, he sees Edge and Cole standing tall, and the weight of the situation sets in. Jericho paces around the outside of the ring, trying to decide how to handle this situation. Jericho slides into the ring, and Cole elects to stay in the ring to take on the veteran.

Cole and Jericho go back and forth, hitting big moves on each other, Jericho gets the edge though and catches Cole in the Liontamer. Cole tries to hang on crawling to the ropes to try and get a break, but Jericho drags Cole back into the center of the ring, Cole fights on, but can't hold on for too long and eventually has to tap out.

Jericho is wore out after taking on Cole and falls to the mat afterward. When he stands up and turns around, Edge hits him with a spear and goes for the pin, only for Jericho to kick out at two. Jericho and Edge go back and forth, tapping back into the great matches they've had in the past. Each man knows the others moves all too well and can reverse every move the other has. That is until Jericho hits the new move in his arsenal, the Judas Effect, and leaves Edge lying in the ring for the pin and the win for team AEW.

AEW: 3 | WWE: 4

Kazuchika Okada vs. Roman Reigns

This is why I said anyone that had anything to do with AEW shows in the past could be on this show. Okada was at the first PPV for AEW "All In," where he took on Marty Scurll in a great match.

Okada and Reigns has been dreamt about by WWE fans for a long time now, and now we'll get to see it live and in color.

Both of these two men are the main draws for their respective promotions, with Okada for NJPW and Reigns for WWE. So, this will be the most talked-about match going into the PPV.

Okada and Reigns will have a hard-hitting, back and forth match with both men hitting their big moves throughout the match. The last three matches will be the main time-consuming portion of the show, and Okada vs. Reigns will be no different. These two will have a long and drawn out match.

Reigns will hit spears, and Okada will kick out. Okada will hit Reigns with everything but the Rain Maker, until the end of the match. Reigns will go for a Superman Punch, and Okada will move out of the way, grab Reigns' arm, and set him up for the Rainmaker. He'll spin Reigns out, connect, pick Reigns up, and hit it once more, and pin Reigns for the win.

AEW: 4 | WWE: 4

Team AEW vs. Team WWE - War Games Match - Winner Earns the Rights to the War Game Name.


Team AEW: Cody, Dustin Rhodes, Young Bucks, Kenny Omega

Team WWE: Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, The Usos, Cesaro

Cody and his brother Dustin are sons of legendary WWE/WCW wrestler Dusty Rhodes. Dusty is the man that came up with the War Games stipulation while he was in WCW. WWE just recently started using the stipulation again on the NXT brand. Cody has stated in the past that he wanted to trademark the name, but WWE beat him to it. Thus, the reason for this match.

We come into this match with the PPV tied 4-4. This means the winning team will win the stipulation for their promotion, but they will also win the PPV.

Cody will start the match for his team, and he will go against Daniel Bryan. Team WWE won the coinflip backstage before the show began to gain the man's advantage in the match.

Cody and Bryan start fast-paced and an excellent first five minutes to the match. The five minutes end with Cody bouncing Daniel off the steel mesh and then hitting the Cross Rhodes. The countdown begins, and Seth Rollins sends Cesaro down the ramp. Cesaro gets into the ring, and shuts the door behind him, Cody and Cesaro stare each other down and lock up. Cesaro is too strong for an already tired Cody and throws him down onto the mat. Cesaro jumps on top of Cody and starts pounding away on Cody's face. Cesaro keeps firing away until Bryan gets up and gets back into the fray.

Cesaro holds Cody still as Bryan fires away with his trademark kicks, turning Cody's chest beat red. The countdown begins again, and Cesaro and Bryan through Cody to the side, as Kenny Omega makes his way to the ring. Omega slides into the ring and tries to go after Cesaro, the bigger of the two men. But Bryan gets involved, and the pair beat Omega down. Omega is able to fight them off and hits Bryan with a superkick, Omega turns and faces Cesaro. The two men stare each other down, and Omega runs at Cesaro, Cesaro catapults Omega into the air and hits him with an uppercut. Omega lands flat on his back, and Cesaro grabs his feet and starts swinging Omega around the ring.

Cesaro drops Omega and stumbles as the countdown begins, he turns to see who will be joining him from his team, as he turns though Cody hits him with a Disaster Kick dropping Cesaro. Cody stands as Jimmy Uso makes his way down to the ring. Cody and Jimmy square off and keep each other on each other's toes. As Jimmy and Cody face-off Bryan and Omega begin facing off in the other ring. The action in both rings is some of the best to be seen on TV in a long time.

Bryan and Omega are having an absolute classic in one ring, as Cesaro and Jimmy Uso are beating Cody down in the other. The countdown begins again as Cesaro uppercuts Cody while Jimmy hits the back of Cody's head with a superkick. Cody drops to his face, as he does Kenny hits Daniel with a running V-Trigger knee strike. Cesaro climbs through the ropes, and he and Omega go toe-to-toe.

Jimmy Uso waits in the ring for Matt Jackson. The two men square off, and the anticipation for even a taste of the epic tag team match between the Uso's and the Young Bucks grows. As you can feel the anticipation for this meet up in the ring, the pair play off the crowd perfectly, letting things hit a fever pitch before the attack. Just as their about to make their first, Cesaro runs in and blindsides Matt. Kenny then comes out of the other ring and hits Jimmy with a V-Trigger just to even the score. Matt and Cesaro look at each other and then start fighting between themselves again.

As they fight, Cody stands up and gets back into the fray. Cody and Kenny beat Cesaro down until Jimmy jumps back in, followed by Matt jumping in to help his compatriots. As the group stands huddle to fight, Daniel Bryan jumps off the top-rope, taking the whole group out as he does. The entire group lay there as the countdown begins again, its Team WWE's turn, and Jey Uso comes down to join his brother.

Jey gets into the ring and picks his brother up. They talk for a couple of seconds and decide to pick Cody up out of the group and take him into the other ring to single him out. The brothers Uso then take turns hitting Cody with various moves. In the other ring, Cesaro and Daniel Bryan are doing battle with Kenny and Matt to keep them from helping Cody out. Cody is able to gain a slight advantage by throwing one of the Usos off the steel mesh, as he turns through from that Jey Uso hits him with a superkick, and starts to pick his brother up and tells him to climb to the top rope. As Jimmy climbs one corner, Jey climbs the other. They get to the top posture for a couple of seconds, and just as they're about to jump, Kenny pushes Jey off the top rope and into the steel mesh. Jimmy then tries to jump only to be met with a superkick from Matt.

Kenny and Matt then pick Cody up and take him into the other ring to do some more damage to Cesaro and Daniel Bryan. The trio decides to wear Cesaro down some more first, and they take turns hitting him with various moves. Kenny hits a V-Trigger, Matt hits a Superkick, and Cody hits Cesaro with a Cross Rhodes for good measure. Daniel is sitting in the corner, to beat down to do anything to help, but as the trio turns their attention on the group, Daniel runs and hits Matt with the running knee strike. This stuns Cody and Kenny for a second, but as Daniel kips up, the pair jumps him beating him down as the count down begins.

Nick Jackson runs down the ramp and into the ring. He runs into the ring where the Uso's lay and his brother joins him, they grab Cesaro and throw him into the ring with Kenny, Cody, and Daniel Bryan. Dueling chants start in the arena as The Young Bucks stand across the ring from The Usos. The two teams of brothers size each other up for a few minutes before going on the attack. When the two teams finally start throwing punches, the crowd reaches their fever pitch. The teams have a tag team classic, as the other competitors stay in their ring, allowing them to work unhindered by distractions or interruptions.

The teams continue to fight through the countdown, and when the bell finally rings for Seth to make his way to the ring, he takes his time. He finally makes it to the door to come in and pauses at the bottom of the steps. He looks around and then looks back at the action in the ring. He walks away from the door, and begins grabbing various weapons from under the ring, and begins throwing them into the ring. He throws in multiple steel chars, a few trash cans, a couple of kendo sticks, and a table. He then starts to shut the door, so he can stay on the outside and out of the war going on in the ring, as he does though Cody kicks it, and it hits Seth in the face with the door. As Seth falls to the floor, Cody pulls the door to and locks it, leaving Seth on the outside.

Cody turns back to the action going on inside the structure and finds himself face to face with Daniel Bryan once again. Cody and Daniel fight, while Kenny and Cesaro keep their battle going, and The Uso's and The Young Bucks never stopped fighting. Nick leaves their ring and grabs the table, and one of the chairs and goes back into the ring his brother and the Uso's are in. While Matt battles with Jimmy Uso, Nick and Jey battle over setting the table up. Nick rams the table into Jey's stomach, and Jimmy grabs the chair and hits Nick in the back with it. Jimmy turns his attention back to Matt as Matt hits a superkick to the chair and into Jimmy's face. As Jimmy falls, Jey hits a cross body over the table and onto Matt. As the four men lay in the ring, the action between Cody and Daniel picks up, as Cody picks up a kendo stick, Daniel picks up one of the chairs and hits Cody in the head with the chair.

Cesaro picks up a trashcan, and puts it over Kenny's upper body, Daniel drops the chair and picks up a kendo stick for him and Cesaro. Daniel takes one and hands the other to Cesaro, and the pair take turns teeing off on the trashcan wrapped around Kenny's head. As they do, this Seth stands on the outside and coaches his team on to victory. In the excitement, Seth didn't notice Dustin was let out of his cage at the top of the ramp. Dustin grabs Seth, and throws him against the hard corner of the cage, Dustin then grabs Seth and hits his Diamond Cutter finisher on the outside, enters the ring and leaves Seth laying at the bottom of the ramp. As Dustin enters, he picks up his brother and reveals that Daniel's chair shot bloodied Cody's face. As Cody struggles to stand to his feet, Dustin has to let him go to fight off an attack from Cesaro.

Cody falls, and Daniel goes back on the attack. Back in the other ring Jimmy and Nick make their way back to their feet, Nick beats Jimmy to his feet, and goes on the attack. Nick is able to wear Nick down, and Matt stands to his feet, Nick holds Jimmy up, and Matt jumps off the top rope and hits Jimmy with the Meltzer Driver. Jimmy roles out of the ring and leans against the steel mesh, Matt picks Jey up and drags him over to the table. Jey starts to fight his way out of it but gets hit with a superkick from Nick. Matt puts Jey on the table, and Nick climbs to the top. Just as he's about to jump, Cesaro joins him on the top rope. Matt walks over and hits Cesaro to knock him off balance. Nick pulls Cesaro around the ropes so that his back is facing the ring. Matt gets Cesaro in a powerbomb hold and walks away from the corner with Cesaro on his shoulders. Nick jumps off the top rope and clotheslines Cesaro through the table and Jey Uso.

Matt and Nick turn their attention to the other ring and join forces with Dustin in taking out Daniel Bryan as they do; they work their way to the middle of the ring. When they get in the middle of the ring, they look up and see Seth standing on the top of the structure, his face bloodied from Dustin bouncing him off the cage. He jumps off the top of the cage and takes everyone out. He stands up after the jump, and Cody meets him in the middle of the ring with a chair in hand. Cody drives the chair into Seth's stomach, and when Seth doubles over, Cody hits him in the back. When Seth arches his back from the pain, Kenny hits him with a V-Trigger, and Seth slumps to the mat. Cody picks him up slowly off the mat, and hits the Cross Rhodes one more time and pins Seth for the win.

The bell rings, and Cody drops his head into his hands, resting on his knees, and starts to cry, his brother Dustin hugs him. Brandi runs down the ring and joins in the celebration. As all the Rhodes stand in the ring, celebrating the War Games structure rises to the ceiling. Cody grabs a mic and says five simple words, "This one's for you, dad!" and pats the "Dream" tattoo on his chest. As he turns to drop the mic, Dreams music hits, and a remembrance video package runs on the jumbotron.

The night ends AEW: 5 | WWE: 4.

Cody and his brother finally get control of the match their father created, and AEW wins the night against WWE.

Once again, the chances of this PPV actually ever happening are slim, if it could happen though, I think this would be an excellent way for it to happen from start to finish. Like I said, in the beginning, most of the matches I was only going to give the finishes to them, but the two tag matches and the Reigns vs. Okada match needed a little more explanation to the action.

Hopefully, you had as much fun reading this article as I did writing it. Be sure to follow Wrestling News World on Twitter at @wnwnews. And, you can follow me on Twitter at @ShayneCarnahan.

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