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Hulk Hogan Already A WWE Network Face

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WWE is already using Hulk Hogan as a face of the WWE Network. A new commercial featuring Hogan touting the service at the $9.99/month price tag premiered during the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

WWE acknowledged the return of Hogan on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw and showed snippets of the news outlets covering it on Friday. It sure seems WWE calculated the leak to maximize mainstream publicity about the Network launch.

Speaking of which, WWE plugged the upcoming WWE Network hard throughout the pay-per-view. I suggested the company wants to make sure to let the people the normally buy their pay-per-views they can now watch them all on the WWE Network, with it being obvious the company faces more cable and satellite companies dropping their pay-per-views. Dish Network didn't carry Elimination Chamber because they're upset about the company's new direction with the WWE Network.

The WWE Network will launch on Monday morning at 9 AM EST.

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