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Hulk Hogan at the Hall of Fame?

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Hulk Hogan

Over the past few weeks, there were some talks involving WWE finally bringing back Hulk Hogan and having that appearance be at the Hall of Fame to induct one of the newest members - Hillbilly Jim.

That plan was pretty close to being official up until very recently when WWE caught a lot of heat for naming their women's battle royale after the Fabulous Moolah, a woman who was widely believed to have forced her trainees into prostitution, took most of their money and forced them to take drugs. After adhering to the sponsors and renaming it simply the "Women's Battle Royale," WWE may want to avoid any further controversy and thus the Hogan plans have taken a serious step back. Of course, Hogan originally ended up this way with his racist-fueled comments that were caught on tape and leaked onto the internet several years ago. He has no made an appearance on WWE TV since that incident aside from archival footage.

It will be interesting to see if it still happens or if they find a replacement.

Update: WWE has released a statement regarding Hulk Hogan. They stated, “We have had discussions with Terry Bollea (AKA Hulk Hogan) about how he can help others learn from his mistakes, however, he is not under any contract with WWE.”

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