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Hulk Hogan On Sadermania - "I Never Said They Could Use My Name To Promote Their Little Project"

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Have you heard about Sadermania? It's a documentary about Hulk Hogan super fan Chris Sader that's won numerous awards and received praise from critics. Below is the trailer for the film:

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In this inspirational tale, Chris Sader and Hulk Hogan relate on how they met and developed a bond through mutual struggles and personal loss that each would have faced alone if not for the unlikely friendship that developed between them.

Apparently Hogan isn't getting a piece of the pie and isn't happy about it. He Tweeted the following:

Hogan also made reference to someone selling unlicensed merchandise, which may or may not refer to Sadermania:

For more on the film, head over to

Richard Reacts: I have no problem with Hogan defending his likeness, I just found his quote referring to Sadermania as "their little project" so narcissistic that it was funny.

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