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Hulk Hogan Says It's When Not If He Wrestles Again

Hulk Hogan told Matthew Aaron of The Matthew Aaron Show that his goal is to perform in the ring again. He said it's not if but it's when. Hogan said he's been training like crazy and his back doesn't hurt at all. He says now, he's really trying to get him in that kind of shape.

He said if you get in the WWE ring you have to bring it [like The Rock says]. He said last time he got in the ring, they were begging for him to take it back. Hogan said if he gets back in there, he wants to make sure he's ready and that he gives the fans something to remember him by. The Hulkster said his goal in life is another WWE match.

Hogan teased himself, saying he didn't even know how to work his gimmick. He had the largest arms in the world and rather than having the sleeper as his finisher, he was dropping the leg. Hogan said if he wouldn't have been using the leg drop for so many years, he wouldn't have had so many back surgeries.

You can listen to the comments at this link or embedded in the video below:

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