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Hulk Hogan Says Wrestling Isn't In His Job Description This Time

Hulk Hogan is featured in a new interview at this link to promote Wrestlemania 30. In it, he said wrestling isn't part of the job description this time around. He also said people get confused about reality TV and his time on Hogan's Know Best. Here's what Hogan had to say about the popular reality series.

“I remember the good stuff, you know, a lot of good bonding with my family and having fun,” said Hogan. “But I don’t think [viewers] understand what reality television really is. It's realistic. Reality TV is slightly scripted. You know, my son Nick would be at the computer doing his homework. And the producers go, ‘Nick, go throw water balloons at the neighbors.’ That's not Nick. That's not what Nick does. But that's reality TV. And people get so wrapped up in it, they don't understand the difference between real and real-like.”

Click here for the ABC News/Yahoo piece.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Jake for sending us the link.

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