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Hulk Hogan Training Like He’s Going To Main Event For WWE

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Hulk Hogan appeared at WWE’s Wrestlemania On-Sale Party on Friday at Intel Plaza at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. While there, he participated in a Q&A session with fans and was asked if he had one more match in him. Below is video of the question and response from Hogan:

Hogan continues to politic publicly for another match, just like he politicked last year. I truly believe Hogan wants to try and get the hype for the match so he can bring that to Vince McMahon and talk him into it. Ultimately, that’s whose decision this will be and he’s right, we never say never in this business. I know Vince and Triple H didn’t want Hogan’s return to WWE to be contingent on a match and they wanted to bring him back just like they have, under an ambassador’s role.

Not only is Vince not optimistic about letting Hogan work again at 61 after multiple back surgeries, the incident with Jerry Lawler a couple years ago really changed things. This has made Vince even more hesitant about legends returning, even for one match.

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