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IGN Gives WWE '12 "Amazing" Rating; Watch The Launch Trailer & Cena vs. Lesnar Here

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The first review of WWE '12 is in and it's impressive. The popular IGN gaming website gave the game a 9.0/10 "Amazing" rating.

If anyone knows anything about IGN, they know the publication is not overly optimistic so this is an excellent rating. Below is a summary of their ratings:

9.0 Presentation
Some incredible work here, recreating the WWE experience in a dramatic, almost lifelike way. The story needs some work.

8.5 Graphics
On the ramp and in the ring, the graphics are great. When it comes to acting, the results are about as good as you might expect.

7.5 Sound
All the music you want is here, and so are the wrestlers' voices, but the wrestlers have more passion on TV.

8.5 Gameplay
The core mechanics are excellent, but the single-player story doesn't want to let you use them.

9.5 Lasting Appeal
There are almost too many options. Online is great but the interface is a bit awkward.


(out of 10)

The launch trailer for WWE '12 is embedded in the video below:

Below is a video of John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar from WWE '12:

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