Important Points To Look For In Thursday's WWE Earnings Release


WWE will release one of their most important quarterly updates in company history on Thursday. The company will report their 2014 quarter two earnings before market open and Vince McMahon and George Barrios will speak with investors shortly thereafter.

The release and call will include a lot of important data. Below are some things we'll be paying a lot of attention to:

  • Wrestlemania 30 buys. We already have an indication of buys for Wrestlemania 30, however, the official totals will be announced on Thursday. It's known more people ordered the pay-per-view on a traditional platform than expected but we'll know exactly how many people ordered the pay-per-view.
  • WWE Network subscribers. WWE announced on April 7, 2014 the WWE Network had 667,287 subscribers. The company has said they will release subscriber updates on a quarterly basis, so we should find out how close they are to their 1 million subscriber target on Thursday. The number will be greater than 667,287 because initial subscriptions have not yet expired. Initial subscriptions will expire on Sunday, August 24, 2014 but are set to automatically renew for another six months unless manually canceled.
  • Budget cuts and WWE Network programming. WWE has been working hard to show investors they are committed to cutting costs in order to fully monetize the WWE Network, especially in light of the stock price decline. It was the last quarterly earnings call we learned of plans to once again resurrect Tough Enough but rumors have circulated that could be on hold. We should get a clearer picture of upcoming original WWE Network programming, including an update on Tough Enough. It will also be interesting to see what the company says about budget cutbacks if they address them at all.

We'll have WWE's 2014 quarter two earnings release as soon as it's available on Thursday and complete investor conference call coverage beginning at 11 AM EDT here at

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