Insider Details On Brock Lesnar's Decision To Re-Sign w/WWE


Steven Marrocco of has the full story on Brock Lesnar’s announcement made on March 24, 2015 that he would in fact remain with the WWE, effectively retiring from Mixed Martial Arts competition.

Marrocco details who set up Brock’s announcement on ESPN SportsCenter and how it all came to fruition.

The announcement was set up by former UFC head of public relations Jennifer Wenk. She got a call from Brock Lesnar’s manager — Brian Stegeman — the night before the announcement (March 23) and was told that Brock had made a decision and asked how they should go about announcing it.

Wenk and Stegeman discussed doing a conference call, holding a press conference or scheduling the announcement to take place on SportsCenter from ESPN’s studios in Los Angeles. Brock was going to be in town and Wenk had a half-day to set it up.

Four hours before the interview, Wenk was informed by Brock Lesnar that Dana White was in the studio. Brock wanted to know what he was doing there and Wenk didn’t know.

Keep in mind, the only people that knew of Brock’s decision were Brock, Brian Stegeman, Vince McMahon and Triple H. The article states only three people knew but we know that Brock met with Vince and Hunter at the 3/23 Raw taping to sign his new WWE contract. We broke that story here on Premium.

Shortly thereafter, Stegeman called Wenk to inform her that Paul Heyman was there WITH Dana White.

Wenk continued to “Google” the news of Brock’s announcement to see if it had leaked (it had not).

“He [Brock Lesnar] really wanted to go on camera and look his fans and the sports community in the eye and explain how difficult this was for him,” Wenk told MMA Junkie.

The announcement ended up going off without ESPN being smartened up to Brock’s decision where he announced the world that he had re-signed with WWE and his MMA career was over.

We later learned Brock’s deal with WWE was for three years and included a hefty downside guarantee, structured bonuses and a part-time schedule.

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