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Shayna Baszler Buried?

Disclaimer: I am the resident Becky fan/stan of the WNW Staff. And if you heard a weird noise it might have been me because by the end of Night One of Wrestlemania I definitely almost lost my voice. In case you missed it or need a recap of all that happened here is night one of my live coverage of this year’s two night WrestleMania. 

However, in case of this morning you are wallowing in despair thinking, Shayna is now buried and or she now means nothing. Let me a Becky fan explain to you a few reasons why tonight’s match was not the worst match and why this might not be the worst thing for Shayna.

New Finisher for Shayna

Who (besides me) would have thought that something would come to fruition when Becky Lynch appeared in a robe and stole Jerry the King Lawler’s crown? In case you missed it because you were in awe of Becky Lynch’s style. In that promo, Becky says that she has and will watch tape of her opponent. Just in case it slipped your mind because of the heat of the moment let me remind you now that, Shayna Baszler has lost in this exact manner two times before in the past. She lost to Kairi Sane and to Ember Moon when they and now Becky went from the Kirufida Clutch to a roll through for the victory. Many fans have disliked Shayna’s finisher and perhaps now that she lost on the biggest stage of them all in a Wrestlemania too big for just one night, she is now considering replacing her finisher. If this tweet is anything to go by, I definitely think that Shayna already has something up her sleeve.

Was this a bad match?

No. Absolutely not but I do understand why fans are finding the ending disappointing. This was a hard-hitting fast match and many fans expected this match to have more time and be more slow and methodical. In fact, most people wanted this to be a submission match and for us to see the battle of the disarm her and the Kirufida clutch. I agree with most fans that the match did feel a bit cut short but every move that they made had a part in the story. Both Becky and Shayna took hard moves and they both sold the heck out of them. I really think fans should separate the ending of this match from their view of this match as a whole. And well let’s talk about most Becky haters and Shayna’s supporters biggest gripe. Why did they not let Shayna take the belt off of Becky?

Who is next for Becky Lynch?

Well as of this article it has not happened yet but by the time we see Becky Lynch again on Monday Night Raw, it will. Becky Lynch has held the Raw Women’s Championship from Wrestlemania 35 to Wrestlemania 36. She has had a 365-day historic record-breaking reign with that title. I personally don’t think we will see anyone else get close to this accomplish ever but definitely not any time soon.

But okay let’s now focus on who is next and to do that we have to take a look at the current Raw Women’s roster. The roster includes Natalya, Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, Charlotte Fair, Zelina Vega, Lana, Kairi Sane, and Asuka. I did an article that you can find here talking about storyline possibilities in case anyone but Shayna Baszler were to win the Elimination Chamber. WWE could definitely do a storyline with Liv Morgan as Becky’s next competitor. If this were the case we could definitely see the other two members of the now-disbanded Riott Squad get involved and either of them cost Liv the win. However as much as I want Ronda Rousey to show up and challenge Becky, I think the most likely option is that we finally see Nia Jax return. Thanks to the nose breaking punch we already have a storyline built-in. Plus WWE can add in the fact that while Nia Jaxx has been sitting at home recovering from double knee surgery, Becky Lynch is now the face of the company. I really should be hired as a WWE writer huh?

Have I made you a fan of this match or a Becky fan yet? Let me know what you think either on a comment on this post or on twitter @lavidaporeva.  In just a few hours I’ll be back here on the site more than ready to cover night two. Is anyone else crawling out of their skin with excitement like me for Edge vs Orton?

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