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In the middle of 2018 mostly everyone had already heard rumblings of WWE headed to FOX proper for over a billion dollars on a 5 year deal. Well now 3 years into this deal the waters are as choppy as they’ve ever been.

Wrestling News World has learned over the course of the last 3 months the relationship between WWE and FOX has completely soured.

Some of the unrest with officials at FOX started prior to WWE moving the network to Peacock. FOX was already said to have been upset that stars such as Ronda Rousey, Cain Velasquez, Brock Lesnar and Becky Lynch were not appearing on their program and wanted to market it as top combat athletes and wrestlers. While we all know the reasonings for each one of the talents not being on the show, FOX has looked at this as not having much star power besides Roman. More recently however FOX had pushed for WWE to bring in CM Punk, ideally FOX felt when they signed on Punk for WWE Backstage that it would help facilitate him to the SmackDown show. As well all know that did not happen and CM Punk is headed to AEW. To continue to build this snowball FOX was very upset that Daniel Bryan has left the show, and many at FOX found him very marketable and a true professional in and out of the ring. One of the biggest blows however was when Bray Wyatt was released. FOX was already upset when Bray was moved from SmackDown to RAW, executives at FOX were further upset when he was released and not moved to their show. While yes there is veiwership questions and ratings, however those are not even at the forefront of this.

In addition to this in the new Vince McMahon steriod trial documentary Rupert Murdoch's character is to be portrayed as a villian due to Vince still mailing post publications that Murdoch owned at the time. This obviously has not set well with FOX. The belief with FOX is that WWE has a much deeper relationship with NBC Universal than they expected when their deal was signed and they feel second fiddle and not a priority for WWE.

FOX has already begun examining their options heading into the final years of the deal, and what they can do that is more beneficial financially for them than to have wrestling as part of their portfolio. 

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