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Kat Robinson

We thought we were done with this debate, but it's crept up once again! With Becky Lynch stepping away from the ring, WWE wants to keep the star presence visible in the women's division. However, they may be relying too much on The Queen to accomplish this. So, is too much Charlotte bad for the WWE?

Let's break this down!

Charlotte Flair began 2020 as a RAW superstar. As the winner of the Royal Rumble, she earned the right to challenge for any women's title between all three brands. Flair won the NXT Women's Championship at WrestleMania and started splitting her time between RAW and NXT. Then, with the announcement of the brand-to-brand invitation, the door opened for opportunities for Flair to appear on Friday Night SmackDown. Talk about triple duty!


The Bottom Line

In my opinion, if WWE uses Charlotte Flair in good context with the programming and storylines on the brand, I'm all for it! Flair's work on NXT is obvious – She is the NXT Women's Champion and must make her presence known to possible title contenders. On RAW, Charlotte started the year on that brand and anything she can do to help elevate her original show is always positive.

For SmackDown, this is where the plot thickens! WWE knew that a third party needed to go and stir the pot between Sasha Banks and SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley. Everyone sees the writing on the walls about the pending storyline of their break-up and possible title clash. Who better to go and shake things up than a woman who has a LONG history with both Banks and Bayley?

The only negative thing I will have to say about Charlotte's extensive usage is to keep her away from the other titles. There's absolutely no reason to put her in a #1 Contender Triple Threat Match for the RAW Women's Championship. That only signifies an opportunity that could have gone to another woman in the locker room. If I even hear the phrase #Charlotte3Belts, I'll lose my mind!

I would like to remind the WWE that they have other women in the locker room who deserve a shot at the spotlight! Flair keeping busy between all three brands is a good idea. Just don't overkill it!

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