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Why There Isn't A Definitive Timetable For Daniel Bryan's Return

WWE is doing everything they can to keep Daniel Bryan's momentum going as he recovers from the minimally invasive neck surgery he had on May 15, 2014. The company has stalled plans to strip him of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in hopes that he'll be able to return by Money in the Bank later this month. The problem is, they still do not have a definitive timetable on his return.

This is because it all depends on how quickly Bryan is able to regain the strength in his arm after the procedure was done to decompress the nerve root. When dealing with such issues, it's impossible to provide a timetable because it depends on how quickly the body responds.

As we explained in Monday's backstage notes from Raw, Stephanie McMahon's announcement was WWE intertwining their legitimate plan in storyline to show fans both options.

Internally, WWE doesn't want to strip Bryan of the title after all that went into the build for him to go over, however, they realize that's their only option in the event of a prolonged absence.

Bryan is scheduled for next week's episode of Monday Night Raw from Minneapolis, MN.

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