It Was Scott Hall That Came Up With Sting's "Crow" Gimmick

Sting 2015

Given the fact it’s been a slow week of news, there was something that I wanted to highlight. Many of our readers have wondered how Sting’s “Crow” gimmick came to be after the success of the bleached blonde hair and face paint. The gimmick was created in the late 90s in World Championship Wrestling and was the brainchild of none other than Scott Hall. Eric Bischoff officially credited Hall for the gimmick in his Controversy Creates Cash book and Hall himself verified those claims on social media. The following is from Hall’s Twitter:

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One thing about Scott Hall is that he has a great mind for the business and the creation of making Sting “scarier” is just another thing he’s accomplished. The fact WWE brought Sting in under the “Crow” gimmick shows just how much “stayability” it’s had, garnering a whole new fan base in 2015 in addition to the older fans that watched as kids.

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