Jack Swagger's Pot Smoking Past, Partying On Saturday Night


We're told Jack Swagger smoking marijuana is not news to the WWE office.

Sources indicate Swagger has tested positive for grass before and had the fine deducted from his downside guarantee. He even had push once derailed due to positive tests that also carried behavioral issues. Under the WWE Wellness Policy (section 15B), a positive test for marijuana carries a $2500 fine but no suspension, strike or public acknowledgement.

Perhaps what will come back to haunt Swagger is the timing of his most recent arrest. According to the arrest report, Swagger was arrested just over an hour after this week's Smackdown taping had ended.

In the case of "regrettable" Tweets, he posted the following the night before winning the WWE Elimination Chamber match:

On the same night, his wife, Catalina Hager, Tweeted the following:

While the proclamation of "partying" might not have meant much at the time, it appears to be pretty damning in light of his arrest for driving under the influence in possession of marijuana.

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