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Jailed Drug Dealer Say He Has More Information Regarding Roman Reigns

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Richard Rodriguez, former owner of the Iron Addicts Gym in Miami, was interviewed by Jon Bravo and revealed that Roman Reigns was one of his clients in a steroid distribution ring. His gym was raided in February of 2017, and Rodriguez is now serving time in prison. Rodriguez agreed to inform Bravo of these inner-workings to clear his name and inform others of who else was involved in the distribution. Reigns was also one of three people named in order for Rodriguez to get a better plea deal.

Rodriguez claims he will release Roman Reigns records on Thursday. Roman claims he has never met or talked to Rodriguez. This is interesting as if Rodriguez can provide proof of having interactions with Reigns, it harms Reigns credibility. The credibility of Rodriguez is still in question, when he could of used this information before to get himself a better plea deal.

Below is a video released by Richard Rodrigiez. We will continue to update you on the situation as more information is provided.

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