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Former WWE Star Evan Bourne Spent Over A Month In Japanese Jail

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Evan Bourne

"Hardcore" Bob Holly and Japanese wrestling journalist Fumi Saito joined Sean Walkman’s X-Pac 1,2,360 show earlier this week and Saito discussed Matt Sydal’s unique legal situation.

For those that are unaware, Sydal was arrested in late September when Japanese customs found liquid cannabis in a hidden pipe. He was convicted and seated to prison in mid-October. Below are quotes from Saito:

"He was in jail for quite some time, over a month or so. It took them eight, nine weeks to have court set. There was finally court this week. He plead guilty right away. It was a rather simple court case procedure. The prosecutor wanted eighteen months in jail or three years probation... He's going to take the probation. That means next week he'll have a verdict, then he goes to the air port and goes home."

"It was his thirtieth trip to Japan, and they didn't think it was the first time he brought something in... The reason he got caught this time though, this is where things get really mysterious and tricky, Japanese customs in Osaka were informed by somebody that [Sydal] is bringing in certain things."

"It was mentioned in the court too, that customs was informed by somebody, they're not saying who, but that [Sydal] from America is bringing in certain things on certain dates. They knew it."

"He's out on bail now and then the verdict is coming this coming Monday. They'll give him three years probation, no jail time, nothing, he's going home that day.”

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