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Is JBL Behind The 'Cranky Vince' Twitter Account Or Is He Being Framed?

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We've been following the hilarious saga over the last couple years involving the Twitter parody account located at The account has been a riot, posting over accentuated Tweets of the Mr. McMahon character, sometimes even revealing things confidential in nature.

In June 2012, I reported the account was believed to be ran by a former WWE wrestler with strong ties to the company. I've posted several stories about Vince McMahon and company management going to great lengths to find out who is behind the account. We might have got our first public clue of the account's identity 15 minutes into this week's episode of Monday Night Raw.

The following Tweet was posted by both Cranky Vince (located at and JBL (located at at 7:15 PM CDT (the local time of San Antonio, Texas, the location of this week's Raw)

Cranky JBL?!?

The Tweet was immediately deleted from Cranky Vince's timeline but still remains on JBL's as seen below:

">@wwe Raw! Wow! #RoadtoWrestlemania

— John Layfield (@JCLayfield) March 18, 2014

JBL has since gone on the defensive, blocking anyone implicating him to the account. He Tweeted this:

Has the mystery of Cranky Vince been solved or is someone trying to frame JBL? Someone call Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Machine!

">@SinCaraWWE would win! Favorite if Shaggy &

RT if you think Scooby & @SinCaraWWE would win!
Favorite if Shaggy & @JohnCena would win.

— WWE (@WWE) March 18, 2014

">@JohnCena would win.

— WWE (@WWE) March 18, 2014

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