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JBL Emphatically Denies Being Behind Cranky Vince Twitter Account

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JBL is now connected to the parody Twitter account located at following an incident after the opening segment of this week's Monday Night Raw. Since then, the former World Heavyweight Champion now WWE announcer has emphatically denied he is behind the account.

He posted the following on Facebook:

Post by John Layfield.

The "Cranky Vince" Twitter account has been an interesting topic over the past couple of years. We've followed the hilarious Tweets that over accentuate the quirky personality of Vince McMahon, sometimes even revealing things confidential in nature. We've been told Vince has been more confused about it more than anything else but Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have feared he has some type of stalker.

The account is vile and explicit, which is probably why JBL doesn't appreciate being connected to it. Let's just look at the latest Tweet:

We can confirm WWE has actually tried to have the account shutdown and have been successful in getting it suspended at times, however, Twitter does not have a policy that bans parody.

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