JBL Explains “Zombie Version Of Eddie Guerrero” Comment


JBL took some heat after saying on commentary that Luke Harper looked like a “zombie version of Eddie Guerrero” after he went over the top rope in his match on Raw against Ryback.

He responded on social media:

Post by John Layfield.

If you have problems getting the Facebook framework to load, here's the comment:

The spot with Luke Harper I saw some Twitter comments over. I had just mentioned Walking Dead show and Luke does the 'Eddie' spot over the top rope, my comment (since I had mentioned Rick Grimes before toward Luke) was 'it looks like a zombie Eddie Guerrero'. This was a WALKING DEAD reference toward Luke-who I have said before looks like a 'walker'.
I would NEVER insult my friend Eddie, for those who took it wrong-sorry about that, but it is what it is.

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