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JBL Hypes NXT ArRIVAL In Kayfabe Michael Cole Interview, Puts Over New Talent, NXT Standouts

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This week's kayfabe interview with Michael Cole is with JBL not Triple H. The excuse is Hunter is away getting ready for NXT ArRIVAL and JBL as the "General Manager of NXT" is here to take his place.

  • JBL starts by telling Cole to lighten up. He said Triple H hired him as the GM as of NXT to replace someone whose name he can't remember who wore polka dots and barely spoke English (ribbing on Dusty Rhodes).
  • He said when he started they lived in trailers and wrestled all over the carnival circuit in Europe, almost starved to death in Japan, Mexico and Texas. He said they didn't have anything like NXT but with the death of the territories this is the most important thing WWE has. If you're going to be a star on Raw or Smackdown, you will go through NXT.
  • Cole talked about the NXT ArRIVAL pay-per-view from Full Sail University on Thursday and the pre-show panel of Bret Hart, Kevin Nash and Paul Heyman. JBL said this is going to be a lot of fun and these guys are going to be looking a lot of stars. JBL put over The Shield, The Wyatt Family, Big E, Cesaro and Emma as NXT prodigies.
  • JBL said more people have debuted in WWE in the last year and a half then there has been since the mid-90s in what turned out to be the Attitude Era. He said as much talent as debuted there is four times that amount in NXT waiting to get a shot. Cole mentioned Alexander Rusev about to debut.
  • They talked about last year's NXT Match of the Year between Cesaro and Sami Zayn and the upcoming rematch on ArRIVAL. JBL talked about NXT being something special and the talent being very proud. He said with Cesaro and Zayn, someone better call the Sheriff because these boys are going to steal the show.
  • JBL said people need to see Emma's "stupid dance" in her environment at NXT but he doesn't understand why people like "that stupid dance."
  • Cole mentioned the main event - a ladder match between NXT Champion Bo Dallas and Adrian Neville for the title. JBL said years ago there was a performer named 2 Cold Scorpio in WCW that no one knew much about. He said the world was so excited and that is going to be multiplied by 10 once we see Adrian Neville and what he's going to do off a ladder. JBL said he's never seen anything like this kid. He said he hopes Neville and Bo Dallas get out in one piece.
  • JBL says not to be afraid to chant for the General Manager - it's JBL - three letters.

Click here to watch the interview in its entirety or check it out in the video below:

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